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KML - Geographic information

Geographic informations of species


  • genus - scientific name of genus, required,
  • species - scientific name of species, required,
  • type - type of geographic information: 'TYPE_LOC' - type locality, 'DISTRIBUTION' - distribution map, 'TDWG' - set of regions standardised by TDWG World Geographical Schema. 'Type' parametr is optional, if is not specified, all geographic informations are return.

If any error occured (specified taxon is not found, specified type of geographic information not available) or no geographic informations are available for specified taxon - empty KML will be returned.


All geographic informations of Varanus bartiji:

Type locality of Geckoella collegalensis:

Distribution map of Varanus acanthurus:

Regions standardised by TDWG of Eurydactylodes agricolae: