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Anolis coelestinus COPE, 1862

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Higher TaxaDactyloidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesHispaniolan green anole, Jeremie Anole 
SynonymAnolis (Ctenocercus) coelestinus COPE 1862: 177
Anolis bullaris — GRAY 1845 (in part.)
Anolis chlorocyanus — BOULENGER 1885 (in part.)
Anolis chlorocyanus — BARBOUR 1914 (in part.)
Anolis latirostris SCHMIDT 1919 (fide THOMAS 1966)
Anolis coelestinus — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 238
Anolis coelestinus — NICHOLSON et al. 2005
Ameiva coelestinus — GEIßLER 2008 (in error)
Deiroptyx coelestina — NICHOLSON et al. 2012
Deiroptyx coelestina coelestina — NICHOLSON et al. 2012
Anolis coelestinus — KÖHLER & HEDGES 2016 
DistributionHispaniola (S Haiti: W Tiburón Peninsula)

Type locality: Near Jérémie, Département de la Grand'Anse, Haiti.  
ReproductionGarcia et al. (1994) documented hybridization between A. chlorocyanus and A. coelestinus. 
TypesLectotype: MCZ 3347; others unlocated
Holotype: AMNH 12598, Navassa Island (in error) [latirostris] 
CommentSynonymy: mostly after KÖHLER & HEDGES 2016: 18.

Similar species: Anolis coelestinus, A. viridius, A. chlorodius, A. demissus, A. pecuarius.

Subspecies: Anolis coelestinus demissus SCHWARTZ 1969 and Anolis coelestinus pecuarius SCHWARTZ 1969 have been elevated to full species status by KÖHLER & HEDGES 2016. Other populations of coelestinus have been described as new species, A. viridius and A. chlorodius.

Illustrations: Schmidt, 1921 (as Anolis latirostris); Cochran, 1941; Williams, 1965; Schwartz and Henderson, 1985.

Distribution: see map in KÖHLER & HEDGES 2016: 22 (Fig. 10).

Species group: Deiroptyx chlorocyana species group (fide NICHOLSON et al. 2012). 
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