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Anolis cyanostictus MERTENS, 1939

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Higher TaxaDactyloidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common Names 
SynonymAnolis chlorocyanus cyanostictus MERTENS 1939
Anolis chloro-cyanus — BARBOUR 1930 (in part.)
Anolis chloro-cyanus — BARBOUR 1935 (in part.)
Anolis chloro-cyanus — BARBOUR 1937 (in part.)
Anolis chloro-cyanus — COCHRAN 1941 (in part.).
Anolis chlorocyanus — WILLIAMS 1965 (in part.)
Anolis chlorocyanus cyanostictus — SCHWARTZ & THOMAS 1975 (in part.)
Anolis chlorocyanus — SCHWARTZ 1980 (in part.)
Anolis chlorocyanus cyanostictus — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988
Anolis chlorocyanus cyanostictus — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991
Anolis chlorocyanus — POWELL et al. 1996 (in part.)
Anolis chlorocyanus cyanostictus — RAMOS & POWELL 2001
Anolis chlorocyanus cyanostictus — HENDERSON & POWELL 2009
Anolis cyanostictus — KÖHLER & HEDGES 2016: 60 
DistributionDominican Republic (Santo Domingo and nearby towns), elevation 0-100 m

Type locality: “Zwischen Fortaleza und der Mündung des Rio Jaina”, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  
TypesHolotype: SMF 26290 
CommentConservation. We do not have evidence that the species is threatened or declining within its range. However, given the small range size and the fact that it occurs in a populated area suggests that it may be threated by encroaching urban areas. For this reason, KÖHLER & HEDGES 2016 consider the conservation status of Anolis cyanostictus to be Near Threatened based on the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria (IUCN, 2012). 
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