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Aspidoscelis communis (COPE, 1878)

IUCN Red List - Aspidoscelis communis - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaTeiidae, Teiinae, Gymnophthalmoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesAspidoscelis communis mariarum (GÜNTHER 1885)
Aspidoscelis communis communis (COPE 1878) 
Common NamesE: Colima Giant Whiptail 
SynonymCnemidophorus communis COPE 1878: 95
Cnemidophorus communis occidentalis GADOW 1906: 339
Cnemidophorus communis copei GADOW 1906: 346
Cnemidophorus sackii communis — SMITH & TAYLOR 1950: 182
Cnemidophorus sacki communis — LEWIS 1956
Cnemidophorus sackii occidentalis — ZWEIFEL 1959: 81
Cnemidophorus communis — LINER 1994
Aspidoscelis communis — REEDER et al. 2002
Aspidoscelis communis — LINER & CASAS-ANDREU 2008

Aspidoscelis communis mariarum (GÜNTHER 1885)
Cnemidophorus mariarum GÜNTHER 1885: 28
Cnemidophorus gularis mariarum — COPE 1892: 46
Cnemidophorus sackii mariarum — SMITH & TAYLOR 1950: 183
Cnemidophorus communis mariarum — ZWEIFEL 1959: 79
Cnemidophorus communis mariarum — DUELLMAN & ZWEIFEL 1962
Cnemidophorus communis mariarum — MASLIN & SECOY 1986
Aspidoscelis communis mariarum — REEDER et al. 2002
Aspidoscelis communis mariarum — LINER & CASAS-ANDREU 2008

Aspidoscelis communis communis (COPE 1878)
Cnemidophorus communis COPE 1878
Cnemidophorus communis communis — ZWEIFEL 1959: 74
Cnemidophorus communis communis — MASLIN & SECOY 1986
Aspidoscelis communis communis — REEDER et al. 2002
Aspidoscelis communis communis — LINER & CASAS-ANDREU 2008 
DistributionMexico (central plateau of Mexico, from Chihuahua southward; Pacific coast from the Balsas basin northward to S Sinaloa. Recorded from (?) Sonora, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes ?, Jalisco, Sinaloa, Nayarit (incl. Isabel Island), Colima, Michoacán, Distrito Federal, Veracruz, Morelos, Puebla, Guerrero).

Type locality: not definitely stated: Colima, Guadalajara, Córdoba, Cobán (Guatemala) or San Antonio (Texas); restricted to Colima, Colima by SMITH & TAYLOR 1950.  
TypesLectotype: USNM 31542 (designated by ZWEIFEL 1959: 74)
Holotype: lost (fide SMITH & TAYLOR 1950), but later rediscovered in USNM
Syntypes: BMNH 1881.10.1.81, 1881.10.1.82, 1881. [mariarum]
Holotype: BMNH 1892.2.8.33 [occidentalis] 
CommentSynonymy after SMITH & TAYLOR 1950.

Distribution: not listed for Querétaro by DIXON & LEMOS-ESPINAL 2010. Not listed for Aguascalientes by VÁSQUEZ-DIAZ & QUINTERO-DIAZ 2005. Not listed for San Luis Potosí by Lemos-Espinal & Dixon 2013. Not in Nuevo León fide LEMOS-ESPINAL et al. 2016. Not in Coahuila fide LEMOS-ESPINAL et al. 2016. Not in Puebla fide Woolrich-Piña 2018. Not listed for San Luis Potosí by Lemos-Espinal et al. 2018 (checklist SLP). Not in Durango fide Lemos-Espinal (2018). 
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