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Aspidoscelis marmoratus (BAIRD & GIRARD, 1852)

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Higher TaxaTeiidae, Teiinae, Gymnophthalmoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesAspidoscelis marmoratus marmoratus (BAIRD & GIRARD 1852)
Aspidoscelis marmoratus reticuloriens (HENDRICKS & DIXON 1986) 
Common Namesmarmorata: Western Marbled Whiptail
reticuloriens: Eastern Marbled Whiptail 
SynonymCnemidophorus marmoratus BAIRD & GIRARD 1852
Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus — BURGER 1950
Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus — SMITH & TAYLOR 1950: 190
Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus — MASLIN & SECOY 1986
Cnemidophorus marmoratus — CONANT & COLLINS 1991: 125
Cnemidophorus marmoratus — CROTHER 2000
Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus — DIXON 2000
Aspidoscelis tigris marmorata — REEDER et al. 2002
Aspidoscelis tigris marmorata — LINER & CASAS-ANDREU 2008
Aspidoscelis marmorata marmorata — CROTHER et al. 2012
Aspidoscelis marmoratus — PYRON & BURBRINK 2013

Aspidoscelis marmoratus reticuloriens (HENDRICKS & DIXON 1986)
Cnemidophorus marmoratus reticuloriens HENDRICKS & DIXON 1986
Cnemidophorus marmoratus reticuloriens — BARTLETT & BARTLETT 1999: 260
Aspidoscelis tigris reticuloriens (VANCE 1978) — COLLINS & TAGGART 2009
Aspidoscelis marmorata reticuloriens — CROTHER et al. 2012 
DistributionUSA (SW New Mexico, Texas)
Mexico (Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango)

Type locality: “Between San Antonio and El Paso”. Restricted to El Paso, Texas.

reticuloriens: Mexico (Nuevo Leon)  
TypesLectotype: USNM 4103, designation by Burt 1931: 147; Holotype: USNM 3024
Holotype. TCWC 39509 (Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection); adult male, obtained by Fred S. Hendricks on 1 June 1972; original number FSH-871. [reticuloriens] 
CommentHybridization: Aspidoscelis (inornata) arizonae and A. (tigris) marmorata hybridized in captivity (COLE et al. 2010). 
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