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Cynisca haugi (MOCQUARD, 1904)

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Higher TaxaAmphisbaenidae, Amphisbaenia, Lacertoidea, Squamata 
Common NamesHaug's Worm Lizard 
SynonymAmphisbaena haugi MOCQUARD 1904: 301
Cynisca haughi — BRYGOO 1990
Cynisca haughi — BRANCH et al. 2003
Cynisca haughi — GANS 2005: 28
Cynisca haugi — PAUWELS & VENDE WEGHE 2008
Cynisca haughi — TRAPE & MANÉ 2015 
DistributionGabon (endemic)

Type locality: “Gabon, à environ 50 kilométres sud-ouest de Lambaréné” [50 km southwest of Lambarene] Map legend:
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TypesHolotype: MNHN = MHNP 01–531. 
CommentDifferentiation between C. haughi and C. bifrontalis is relatively minor (Gans 1987). It involves the lack of a discreet ocular in C. haughi (present in C. bifrontalis), and a caudal autotomy site at the level of the 7th caudal annulus (at the 11th in C. bifrontalis). Cynisca haughi may also have higher body annuli counts (251 in the holotype), although more material is required for confirmation. The holotype of C. bifrontalis has 240 body annuli, whilst in the Toucan-Rabi series they range from only 229 to 231. 
EtymologyNamed after M. Haug, presumably the collector. Note that the original spelling used by Mocquard is “Haugi” not “haughi”. 
  • Branch, William R., Oliver S. G. Pauwels and Marius Burger 2003. Re-discovery of Cynisca bifrontalis in Gabon, with additional notes on Monopeltis galeata (Reptilia: Amphisbaenia). African Journal of Herpetology 52 (2): 93-100 - get paper here
  • Brygoo, E. R. 1990. Les types d'Amphisbaenidés, Pygopodidés, Xantusiidés (Reptiles, Sauriens) du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle - Catalogue critique. Bull. Mus. Nat. Hist. Nat. 12 (ser. 4) A (3-4), suppl.: 3-18
  • Gans C 1987. Studies on amphisbaenians (Reptilia). 7. The small round-headed species (Cynisca) from western Africa. American Museum Novitates (2896): 1-84 - get paper here
  • Gans, C. 2005. CHECKLIST AND BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE AMPHISBAENIA OF THE WORLD. Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. 289: 1-130
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