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Gonionotophis brussauxi (MOCQUARD, 1889)

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Higher TaxaLamprophiidae, Lamprophiinae, Colubroidea, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
SubspeciesGonionotophis brussauxi brussauxi (MOCQUARD 1889)
Gonionotophis brussauxi prigoginei LAURENT 1956 
Common NamesMocquard's African Ground Snake 
SynonymGonionotus brussauxi MOCQUARD 1889: 146
Gonionotus vossi BOETTGER 1892: 417 (fide MERTENS 1967)
Gonyonotus [sic] Brussauxi — BOULENGER 1891: 345
Gonionotophis brussauxi — BOULENGER 1893: 323
Gonionotophis vossi — BOULENGER 1893: 323
Goniotophis [sic] brussauxi — BROADLEY 1998
Gonionotophis brussauxi — PAUWELS et al. 2002
Gonionotophis brussauxi — WALLACH et al. 2014: 309 
DistributionCameroon, C/E Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon (Pauwels et al. 2006)

Type locality: Loudinia-Niari, Congo [francais] Map legend:
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TypesHolotype: MNHN 1890.54 
CommentSynonymy: Not listed in SCHMIDT 1919. Gonionotophis brussauxi prigoginei fide Jirka Schmidt (pers. comm.). Heterolepis platycephala MATSCHIE 1893 was mentioned in a previous edition of this database but turned out to be an unpublished label name (J. Hallermann, pers. comm., 8 Nov 2016).

Distribution: Has been erroneously listed for Benin but does not occur there (Hughes 2013).

Type species: Gonionotus brussauxi MOCQUARD 1889 is the type species of the genus Gonionotophis BOULENGER 1893. Gonionotophis is a substitute name for Gonionotus which is pre-occupied by Gonionotus GRAY 1846 (snakes) and Gonionotus MARSHALL 1868 (hemiptera). Simocephalus GÜNTHER 1858 is pre-occupied by Simocephalus SCHOEDLER 1858 (crustacea). According to other sources Heterolepis capensis SMITH 1847: 55 is the type species of the genus Gonionotophis CSiKI 1903.

Diagnosis (genus): A distinctive African genuswidely distributed in sub-Saharan regions, diagnosed by the fol-lowing combination of characters: body sub-triangular (formerMehelya) or roughly cylindrical, moderately to markedly elongated,and tail moderate to long; head moderate, broad and substantiallyflattened, sharply distinct from neck; snout broadly rounded;nostril enlarged; eye moderate to small, very heavily pigmented,with vertically elliptical or sub-circular pupil; midbody scale rows15–21, vertebral row enlarged and bicarinate; dorsal scalesstrongly keeled (smooth in stenophthalmus), without apical pits; ventrals 147–268, lateral keel present (former Mehelya) or absent; subcaudals paired, 36–124; anal entire; two distinct maxillary con- ditions: (1, former Mehelya) maxilla with 6–10 teeth increasing in size posteriorly, followed after a short diastema by 11–26 smaller, subequal teeth; (2) maxilla with 24–38 teeth, slightly longer anteriorly, diastema absent; hemipenis minimally to very deeply forked, variable morphology; sulcus centrifugal and divided (Loveridge, 1939; Bogert, 1940; Broadley, 1990; Branch, 1998; Chippaux, 2001). 
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