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Gonyosoma boulengeri (MOCQUARD, 1897)

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Higher TaxaColubridae, Colubrinae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes)
Common NamesE: Rhinoceros Snake, Rhino Rat Snake
G: Vietnamesischen Langnasennatter, Boulengers Schnauzennatter
Chinese: 尖喙蛇 
SynonymRhynchophis boulengeri MOCQUARD 1897: 215
Proboscidophis versicolor FAN 1931
Rhynchophis boulengeri — SMITH 1943: 193
Rhynchophis boulengeri — ZIEGLER 2002: 293
Rhynchophis boulengeri — WALLACH et al. 2014: 643
Gonyosoma boulengeri — CHEN et al. 2014
Rhynchophis boulengeri — LOVE 2017
Gonyosoma boulengeri — LI et al. 2020 (by implication) 
DistributionN Vietnam (Ha Tinh, Vinh-Phu, Bac-Thai, Yen-Bai, Phu Yen, Quang Binh),
China (Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan)

Type locality: Baie d’Along, Isle de Norway (= Bai Tu Long?, Ha Long Bay), Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam.  
TypesSyntypes: MNHN-RA 1897.0094-0095 (2 females), MNHN-RA 1897.0096-0097 (2 males) and MNHN-RA 1897.0099 (male) (the latter two not shown on collection website) 
CommentSynonymy: WALLACH et al. 2014 cite Zaher et al. 2012 as source for the synonymy of Rhadinophis and Rhynchophis. However, Zaher et al. did not synonymise the two genera although they do show that Rhynchophis boulengeri nests within Rhadinophis.

Type species: Rhynchophis boulengeri MOCQUARD 1897: 215 is the type species of the genus Rhynchophis MOCQUARD 1897.

Habitat: partly arboreal (Harrington et al. 2018). 
EtymologyNamed after George Albert Boulenger (1858-1937), herpetologist at the British Museum of Natural History, London. 
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