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Hemiergis talbingoensis COPLAND, 1946

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Sphenomorphinae, Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesVictoria Three-toed Earless Skink 
SynonymHemiergis decresiensis talbingoensis COPLAND 1946: 71
Hemiergis talbingoensis — REEDER & REICHERT 2011 
DistributionAustralia (S New South Wales and Victoria)

Type locality: Talbingo, NSW  
TypesHolotype: AMS R57654 (S.J. Copland, 3.xii.1943) (Copland number 2081). Paratypes: R12084, R64221 Talbingo, NSW (J.C. Wiburd); R52344, R57622–31, R142006 Talbingo, NSW (S.J. Copland, 28.xi.1943) (2008–10, 2012–20, 2011); R57586 1.8mi. from Talbingo on Kiandra rd, NSW (S.J. Copland, 28.i.1943) (1687); R57632–47 Talbingo, NSW (S.J. Copland, 1.xii.1943) (2030–42, 2046–48); R57648–52 Talbingo, NSW (S.J. Copland, 2.xii.1943) (2053–55, 2057, 2059); R57653, R57655–60, R57672 Talbingo, NSW (S.J. Copland, 3.xii.1943) (2080, 2082–85, 2087–89). 
CommentSynonymy mainly after COGGER 1983.

Morphology: digits: 3, toes: 3 (Singhal et al. 2018, Cogger 2014) 
EtymologyNamed after the type locality. 
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