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Liolaemus chiliensis (LESSON, 1830)

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Higher TaxaLiolaemidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Chilean Tree Iguana, Unidentata lizard, weeping lizard 
SynonymCalotes chiliensis LESSON 1830: 36 (1828 fide LAURENT 1992)
Tropidurus chilensis — WIEGMANN in MEYEN 1834: 233, 268
Tropidurus olivaceus WIEGMANN 1835: 268c
Proctotretus Chilensis — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1837: 269
Liolaemus chilensis — FITZINGER 1843: 75
Leiodeira chilensis — GRAY 1845: 210
Liodeira chilensis — GIRARD 1858: 340 (part.)
Proctotretus Chilensis — DUMÉRIL, BIBRON & DUMÉRIL 1854: 269
Liolaemus chilensis — BOULENGER 1885: 141
Liolaemus chilensis — KOSLOWSKY 1896
Liolaemus chilensis — DONOSO-BARROS 1966: 170
Liolaemus chiliensis — SCHULTE et al. 2000
Liolaemus (Liolaemus) chiliensis — PINCHEIRA-DONOSO & NÚÑEZ 2005: 231
Liolaemus chiliensis — SCROCCHI et al. 2010: 85 
DistributionChile (Coquimbo, Cautin; HR 33: 226), Argentina (Neuquen, Rio Negro)

Type locality: Talcahuano, Provincia de Concepción, Chile.  
TypesSyntypes: MNHN-RA 2399, MNHN-RA 2474, MNHN-RA 2474A, MNHN-RA 2475, MNHn-RA 6837, MNHN-RA 6837A, MNHN-RA 6868 and MNHN-RA 6838A 
CommentSynonymy partly after BOULENGER 1885. Some of the synonyms of L. chiliensis were listed as synonyms of L. nitidus by BOULENGER 1885. BOULENGER (1885) also considered Proctotretus modestus PHILIPPI 1860 as a synonym of Liolaemus chiliensis (LESSON 1830).

Type species: Calotes chiliensis LESSON 1830 is the type species of the genus Liolaemus WIEGMANN 1834. The genus Liolaemus is the type genus of the family Liolaemidae FROST et al. 2001 (previously Liolaeminae FROST & ETHERIDGE 1989).

Within Liolaemus the approximately 80 species of the Liolaemus sensu stricto group of Laurent (1985) or chiliensis group (Etheridge 1995) share two characters: a fused meckel’s groove and four or fewer precloacal pores.

Karyotype: this species includes populations with diploid (2n), triploid (3n) and mosaic (2n/3n) females, and with diploid and mosaic males whose meiosis produces reduced (n) and unreduced (2n) euploid gametes, resulting in morphological differences between polyploid and diploid animals (Araya-Donoso et al. 2017).

The chiliensis group has been studied in detail by LOBO (2001) and DIAZ-GOMEZ & LOBO (2006). LOBO (2001) suggests the following monophyletic species groups within Liolaemus: alticolor, altissimus, gravenhorstii, hellmichi, kriegi, leopardinus, monticola, nigromaculatus, nigroviridis, pictus and tenuis.

Phylogenetics: Esquerré et al. 2022 and Portelli et al. 2022 presented comprehensive phylogenomics and phylogenetic analyses of Liolaemus. 
EtymologyNamed after the country of origin (Chili = Chile in French). 
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