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Lubuya ivensii (BOCAGE, 1879)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Mabuyinae, Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesMeadow Skink, Iven’s skink 
SynonymEuprepes ivensii BOCAGE 1879
Mabuia ivensii — BOULENGER 1887: 197
Lygosoma ivensii — BOCAGE 1895
Mabuya ivensii — MANACAS 1963
Mabuya ivensi septemlineata LAURENT 1964
Lubuya ivensii — HORTON 1972
Mabuya ivensii — GREER et al. 2000
Euprepis ivensii — MAUSFELD et al. 2002
Trachylepis ivensii — BAUER 2003
Lubuya ivensii — CONRADIE et al. 2016 
DistributionAngola, NW Zambia, S Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire)

Type locality: interior of Benguella, Angola; restricted to “Benguela” by BOULENGER 1887.  
ReproductionOvoviviparous. Females ovulate tiny eggs and later supply the nutrients for development by placental means. 
TypesHolotype: MBL (probably lost in fire 1978) 
CommentSynonymy: partly after Horton 1972. Branch and Haagner (1993) synonymized Lubuya with Mabuya but Metallinou et al. 2016 revived it again.

Type species: Euprepes ivensii BOCAGE 1879 is the type species of the genus Lubuya HORTON 1972. 
EtymologyNamed after the collector of the type specimens, 
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