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Mesoclemmys tuberculata (LUEDERWALDT, 1926)

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Higher TaxaChelidae, Chelinae, Pleurodira, Testudines (turtles) 
Common NamesTuberculate Toadhead Turtle 
SynonymRhinemys tuberculata LUEDERWALDT 1926
Phrynops (Batrachemys) tuberculatus — ALDERTON 1988
Phrynops tuberculatus — KING & BURKE 1989
Batrachemys tuberculata — MCCORD et al. 2001
Batrachemys tuberculata — MCCORD & JOSEPH-OUNI 2002
Phrynops tuberculatus — RODRIGUES 2003
Batrachemys tuberculata — SOUZA 2004
Mesoclemmys tuberculata — BOUR & ZAHER 2005
Batrachemys (Phrynops) tuberculatus — BONIN et al 2006
Mesoclemmys tuberculata — VAN DIJK et al. 2011
Phrynops (Batrachemys) tuberculata — PHILIPPEN 2012 
DistributionE Brazil (Rio San Francisco drainage, Rio Parana, Piauí, Sergipe, S Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte)

Type locality: Villa Nova, Bahia, Brazil  
TypesSyntypes: MZUSP 43, 81 
CommentFor a color illustration and distribution map see MCCORD & JOSEPH-OUNI 2002.

Distribution: Not in Paraguay, only the former subspecies, now Mesoclemmys vanderhaegei (fide Paul Smith, pers. comm., 27 Apr 2014).

Habitat: freshwater (rivers, swamps) 
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