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Higher TaxaElapidae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes)
Common NamesE: Potyguara coral snake
Portuguese: Cobra-Coral, Coral-Verdadeira 
Micrurus lemniscatus carvalhoi ROZE 1967: 33 (partim)
Micrurus potyguara — NOGUEIRA et al. 2019 
DistributionNE Brazil (Paraíba,Pernambuco)

Type locality: Mata do Buraquinho (7°8' 42.08"S, 34° 51'42.40"W), municipality of João Pessoa, state of Paraíba.  
TypesHolotype: UFPB 4359, adult male, collected by Gentil Alves Pereira Filho on August 22, 2006 Paratypes. Five specimens: adult female (Figure 1), UFPB 4355, collected on April 11, 2006; adult male, UFPB 4358, collected by Gentil Alves Pereira Filho on August 21, 2006; adult female, UFPB 4361 collected by Gentil Alves Pereira Filho on September 6, 2006 from Mata do Buraquinho, João Pessoa. NRM 1685, immature male, donated by N. E. Forssell to the museum in 1847 from municipality of Recife (8°3'S, 34°53'W), state of Pernambuco; and adult female, CAS 49297, collected by H. Heath on November 30, 1910 from Lagoa de Paparí (6°7'38.13"S, 35°9'54.64"W), municipality of Nísia Floresta, state of Rio Grande do Norte. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Micrurus potyguara is distinguished from all other triadal species of Micrurus by combination of the following characters: a) parietals entirely black; b) head conspicuously broader than neck; c) posterior nasal scale black; d) frontal shield longer than distance from its anterior margin to the tip of the snout; e) infralabials mostly black; f) middle black rings of triads shorter or as long as the outer ones; g) gular region red with small disperse black blotches on posterior region of scales; h) tip of snout entirely black (rostral, internasals and nasals); d) black rings with similar length or central black ring slightly shorter than the anterior and posterior black rings of the triads.
CommentSympatry: M. ibiboboca 
EtymologyThe specific epithet “potyguara” is a Tupi indigenous name, here employed as a noun in apposition (poty = shrimp; `war = eaters) (Gregório 1980). This name refers to the denomination of a native people that occupied historically the northeastern coast of Brazil, for which the shrimp fishing is one of the most traditional economic activities. 
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