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Phyllodactylus wirshingi KERSTER & SMITH, 1955

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Higher TaxaPhyllodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Puerto Rican Leaf-toed Gecko 
SynonymPhyllodactylus wirshingi KERSTER & SMITH 1955: 229
Phyllodactylus wirshingi wirshingi — SCHWARTZ 1979
Phyllodactylus wirshingi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 461
Phyllodactylus wirshingi — KLUGE 1993
Phyllodactylus wirshingi — RÖSLER 2000: 105
Phyllodactylus wirshingi — WEISS & HEDGES 2007 
DistributionPuerto Rico, Isla Caja de Muertos.

Type locality: Isla Caja de Muertos, Puerto Rico.  
TypesHolotype: INHS (= UIMNH) 37740 
DiagnosisDefinition: A subspecies of Ph. wirshingi characterized by the combination of: 1) large size (males to 62 mm, females to 66 mm snout-vent lengths); 2) 2 postmental scales in the first row; 3) 4-8 postmental scales (X = 5.4) in the second row; 4) a preorbital snout pattern of at least a dark preocular bar and a snout V or U, these often connected to form a snout triangle and with other dark preorbital markings including both a dark loreal and a dark canthal line (the sides of the snout triangle are portions of this canthal line); 5) juveniles banded dark brown with darker edges and with included pale tan scales within the bands (SCHWARTZ 1979).

See Table 1 in SCHWARTZ 1979: 421 for measurements and meristic characters in wirshingi, hispaniolae and sommeri. 
CommentFor illustrations see Grant, 1932; Kerster and Smith, 1955; Rivero, 1978.

Based on mtDNA sequence differences WEISS & HEDGES 2007 elevated the (allopatric) subspecies of P. wirshingi to full species status.

Habitat: limestone cliffs and boulders, especially the latter which have large flakes or are creviced. A large female (ASFSV 5753) was taken during the day in a pile of Cocos fronds on a sandy substrate, and two specimens (ASFS V5656-57) taken on a paved road through the above habitat at 2200 hr. 
EtymologyNamed after Juan A. "Tito" Wirshing (d. 1967), who collected the holotype in 1953. He seems to have been a wealthy man, as he kept the Isla Caja de Muerto as a private zoological reserve (1954-1967). 
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