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Phymaturus vociferator PINCHEIRA-DONOSO, 2004

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Higher TaxaLiolaemidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common Names 
SynonymPhymaturus vociferator PINCHEIRA-DONOSO 2004
Phymaturus palluma DONOSO-BARROS 1974: 286.
Phymaturus palluma palluma — TRONCOSO & ORTIZ 1987: 17
Phymaturus flagellifer — HABIT & ORTIZ 1994: 149
Phymaturus flagellifer — HABIT & ORTIZ 1996: 7
Phymaturus flagellifer — PINCHEIRA-DONOSO 2002: 8
Phymaturus vociferator — CORBALÁN et al. 2009 
DistributionCS Chile

Type locality: El Refugio (37° 20’ S; 71° 18’ W), Laguna del Laja, 1700 m, Antuco, Octava Región Administrativa de Chile. Map legend:
Type locality - Type locality.
TypesHolotype: MNHN- 3786 
CommentSynonymy: Phymaturus vociferator has previously been confused with Phymaturus flagellifer (= P. palluma). Depending on author, Phymaturus dorsimaculatus is considered as a synonym of Phymaturus vociferator (Pincheira-Donoso et al. 2008) or as valid species. Troncoso-Palacios & Lobo (2012) argue that P. dorsimaculatus is a valid species, given that the second chinshields are separated, a characteristic that together with the vocalization (according to Pincheira-Donoso, 2004) and the scapular black bars fused in the male, allow to differentiate it from P. vociferator.

Group: palluma group (fide LOBO et al. 2010).

Distribution: for a map of the vociferator group see MORANDA et al. 2013. Not listed for Argentina by Avila et al. 2013, Zootaxa 3616 (3): 201–238.

Diet: herbivorous. 
EtymologyEtymology (dorsimaculatus): The epithet refers to the conspicuous pattern of black spots over the neck, shoulders, and dorsum of the trunk of this new species. It is a compound name (originated from two latin words dorsum that means back and macula that means spot, mark). 
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