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Proctoporus bolivianus WERNER, 1910

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Higher TaxaGymnophthalmidae (Cercosaurinae), Sauria, Gymnophthalmoidea, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesBolivian Lightbulb Lizard 
SynonymProctoporus bolivianus WERNER 1910: 30
Proctoporus longicaudatus ANDERSSON 1914
Proctoporus bolivianus — DIRKSEN & DE LA RIVA 1999
Proctoporus bolivianus — DOAN & SCHARGEL 2003
Proctoporus subsolanus DOAN, CASTOE & ARIZABAL ARRIAGA 2005
Proctoporus bolivianus — GOICOECHEA et al. 2013 
DistributionN Bolivia (La Paz), S Peru (Puno), elevation 2100–3743 m

Type locality: Sorata, Bolivia; Neotype locality: Millipaya, 12 km S of Sorata (15°51′30.2′′S/68°37′37.6′′W), Province Larecaja, Department of La Paz, Bolivia, 3743 m elevation.

subsolanus: Peru (Puno); Type locality: from the town of Sandia (14.34275° S, 69.46274° W), Province of Sandia, Department of Puno, Peru; 2100 m elevation.  
TypesNeotype: CBF 3437 (fide Goicoechea et al. 2013); Holotype: ZMH (apparently lost)
Holotype: UTA R-52944; NCBI tax ID 321038 [subsolanus] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: in GOICOECHEA et al. 2013.
CommentSynonymy after PETERS & DONOSO-BARROS 1970 and GOICOECHEA et al. 2013. Oreosaurus lacertus STEJNEGER 1913: 546 has been revalidated by GOICOECHEA et al. 2013.

Habitat: during the day under logs and stones, occupying disturbed areas and agricultural fields. 
EtymologyProctoporus bolivianus has been named after its range. P. subsolanus has been named after the Latin word for “eastern”, referring to the distribution of the species in the easternmost flank of the Andes Mountains in S Peru. 
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