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Ptyas major (GÜNTHER, 1858)

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Higher TaxaColubridae, Colubrinae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
Common NamesE: Chinese Green Snake
G: Chinesische Grünnatter, Chinesische Grasnatter
V: Ran dai lon
Chinese: 翠青蛇 
SynonymCyclophis major GÜNTHER 1858: 120
Cyclophis major — GÜNTHER 1864: 230
Herpetodryas chloris HALLOWELL 1861: 503
Cyclophis major — GÜNTHER 1888: 170
Ablabes major — BOETTGER 1894: 140
Ablabes major — BOULENGER 1894: 279
Entechinus major — COPE 1895
Liopeltis major — STEJNEGER 1907: 338
Coluber delacouri SMITH 1930: 681
Liopeltis major bicarinata MAKI 1931
Eurypholis major — POPE 1935
Opheodrys major — SMITH 1943: 178
Entechinus major — CUNDALL 1981
Liopeltis major — WELCH 1988
Entechinus major — WELCH 1988
Cyclophiops major — OTA 1991
Cyclophiops major — ZIEGLER et al. 2006
Cyclophiops major — WALLACH et al. 2014: 202
Ptyas major — FIGUEROA et al. 2016 
DistributionS China (Hong, Kong, Hainan, northward to Henan and Gansu),
Taiwan, N Vietnam, Laos

Type locality: Ningpo, China  
TypesType: unknown (Sang et al. 2009)
Holotype: NSM H02569 [bicarinata]
Holotype: USNM 7335 [Herpetodryas chloris] 
CommentType species: Entechinus major is the type species of the genus Entechinus COPE 1895.

Behavior: diurnal.

Synonymy: partly fide WALLACH et al. 2014: 200.

Characteristic features. One loreal, eight supralabials (4-5 in contact with the eye), 15 scales across the midbody, 169 ventral scales, anal divided, and 76 divided subcaudal scales (from ZIEGLER et al. 2006).

Habitat: partly arboreal (Harrington et al. 2018). 
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