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Sternotherus minor (AGASSIZ, 1857)

IUCN Red List - Sternotherus minor - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaKinosternidae (Kinosterninae), Kinosternoidea, Testudines (turtles)
Common NamesE: Loggerhead Musk Turtle 
SynonymGoniochelys minor AGASSIZ 1857: 424
Sternotherus minor — STEJNEGER 1923
Sternotherus minor minor — TINKLE & WEBB 1955
Sternotherus minor minor — CONANT & COLLINS 1991: 45
Sternotherus minor minor — CROTHER 2000
Sternotherus minor — CROTHER 2000
Kinosternon minor — BONIN et al 2006
Sternotherus minor minor — RHODIN et al. 2010
Sternotherus minor — SCOTT et al. 2017
Sternotherus minor — TTWG 2021 
DistributionUSA (Alabama, Florida, Georgia)

Type locality: "neighborhood of Mobile," Alabama, "Columbus, Georgia," and "New Orleans," Louisiana, USA.; restricted to "Columbus, Georgia," by Schmidt (1953:88).  
ReproductionOviparous. Exhibits temperature‐dependent sex determination (TSD) fide Cornejo-Páramo et al. 2020 (and references therein). 
TypesSyntypes: MCZ 1570, 1571 (two specimens), 1572 (two specimens), and 1573. Tinkle (1958) subsequently identified MCZ 1572 (the two specimens catalogued under this number became USNM 71111 and UMMZ 63520) and MCZ 1573 as Sternotherus odoratus (after KING & BURKE 1989). 
DiagnosisDiagnosis (minor): Morphologically, S. minor can be diagnosed from all other species of Sternotherus by this combination of characteristics: a round low carapace with flared margins that may possess three keels (a vertebral and paired lateral keels) which are obvious in all but the oldest adults, a distinctly darkly spotted head on a light background, a single gular scute, and a single pair of neck barbels. (Stejneger (1923), Smith and Glass (1947), and Tinkle and Webb (1955), Scott et al. 2017, Figs. 2.4 & 2.7). 
CommentSubspecies: The subspecies of S. minor have been elevated to full species status.

Habitat: freshwater (swamps, quiet rivers)

Distribution: see map in Scott et al. 2017: Fig. 2. S. minor occurs in the South Eastern United States from the St. John’s and Withlacootchee River basins in the Florida peninsula, northward to the Ogeechee River drainage in Georgia and westward to the greater Apalachicola-Choctawhatchee-Flint River basins in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. 
EtymologyNamed after Latin “minor” = small or less, for the smaller size compared to S. carinatus. 
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