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Strophurus spinigerus (GRAY, 1842)

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Higher TaxaDiplodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
SubspeciesStrophurus spinigerus spinigerus (GRAY 1842)
Strophurus spinigerus inornatus (STORR 1988) 
Common NamesSouth-western Spiny-tailed Gecko, Soft Spiny-tailed Gecko 
SynonymDiplodactylus spinigerus GRAY 1842
Strophura spinigera - GRAY 1845
Phyllodactylus Spinigerus - DUMÉRIL 1851
Diplodactylus spinigerus — BOULENGER 1885: 99
Diplodactylus spinigerus spinigerus - LOVERIDGE 1934
Diplodactylus strophurus spinigerus - MITCHELL 1955
Strophurus spinigerus - WELLS & WELLINGTON 1984
Strophurus spinigerus — GREER 1989
Strophurus spinigerus — KLUGE 1993
Diplodactylus spinigerus — COGGER 2000: 225
Strophurus spinigerus — RÖSLER 2000: 115
Strophurus spinigerus — WILSON & SWAN 2010

Strophurus spinigerus spinigerus (GRAY 1842)
Diplodactylus spinigerus GRAY 1842
Diplodactylus spinigerus spinigerus — LOVERIDGE 1934
Diplodactylus spinigerus spinigerus — STORR 1988
Strophurus spinigerus spinigerus — RÖSLER 2000: 115

Strophurus spinigerus inornatus (STORR 1988)
Diplodactylus spinigerus inornatus STORR 1988
Strophurus inornatus - WELLS & WELLINGTON 1989
Strophurus spinigerus inornatus - KLUGE 1991
Strophurus spinigerus inornatus — RÖSLER 2000: 115 
DistributionAustralia (S/SW West Australia)

spinigerus: lower west coast and adjacent hinterland of West Australia; Type locality: Houtman Abrolhos, WA.

inornatus: SE coast and interior of West Australia. Type locality: Frank Hann National Park, West Australia, 32°58'S, 120° 06'E. Map legend:
Type locality - Type locality.
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TypesHolotype: presumed lost, although Kluge 1967 mentions BMNH
Holotype: WAM R78354 (1988 Diplodactylus spinigerus inornatus Storr) 
CommentDiplodactylus strophurus group (subgenus Strophurus)

Diagnosis: A subspecies of D. spinigerus with a broad black median stripe on back and tail. (The species is distinguishable from all other Diplodactylus by the combination of two rows of long blackish spines on tail and very short or no spines above eye.) [from STORR 1988: 178]

Diagnosis [inornatus]: A subspecies of D. spinigerus without black pattern on head or back. 
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