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Trioceros wiedersheimi (NIEDEN, 1910)

IUCN Red List - Trioceros wiedersheimi - Data Deficient, DD

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Higher TaxaChamaeleonidae, Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesE: Mount Lefo Chameleon
G: Wiedersheims Chamäleon 
SynonymChamaeleon wiedersheimi NIEDEN 1910
Chamaeleo (Trioceros) wiedersheimi – KLAVER & BÖHME 1986
Chamaeleo (Trioceros) wiedersheimi — NECAS 1999: 154
Trioceros wiedersheimi — TILBURY & TOLLEY 2009
Trioceros wiedersheimi — TILBURY 2010: 761
Chamaeleo wiedersheimi — PYRON & BURBRINK 2013 
DistributionCameroon (Tschabal Mbabo, Bemenda-Banso Highlands, Manegouba Mts.), Nigeria (Gotel Mts., Obudu plateau, Mambila)

Type locality: Gendero-Gebirge (=Tchabal Mbabo) und Tsch’a (Bekom), Bamenda Distrikt, Kamerun. Restricted: Tchabal Mbabo, Kamerun (fide KLAVER & BÖHME 1992: 467). Map legend:
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TypesLectotype: ZMB 21873, designated by Klaver & Böhme (1992). 
CommentPERRET (1957) describes some female C. wiedersheimi that were actually C. quadricornis. Chamaeleo serratus MERTENS 1922 has been revalidated and removed from the synonym of T. wiedersheimi by BAREJ et al. 2010. 
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