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Xenocalamus bicolor GÜNTHER, 1868

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Higher TaxaAtractaspididae (Aparallactinae), Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes) 
SubspeciesXenocalamus bicolor australis FITZSIMONS 1946
Xenocalamus bicolor bicolor GÜNTHER 1868
Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus ROUX 1907
Xenocalamus bicolor machadoi LAURENT 1954
Xenocalamus bicolor maculatus FITZSIMONS 1937
Xenocalamus bicolor pernasutus (WERNER 1915) 
Common NamesSlender Quill-snouted Snake
bicolor: Bicoloured Quill-snouted Snake
australis: Waterberg Quill-snouted Snake
lineatus: Striped Quill-snouted Snake 
SynonymXenocalamus bicolor GÜNTHER 1868: 415
Xenocalamus bicolor — WELCH 1994: 125
Xenocalamus lineatus bicolor — JACOBSEN et al. 2010
Xenocalamus bicolor — GOWER et al. 2012: 115
Xenocalamus bicolor — WALLACH et al. 2014: 795
Amblyodipsas bicolor — FIGUEROA et al. 2016 (by implication)

Xenocalamus bicolor australis FITZSIMONS 1946
Xenocalamus bicolor australis FITZSIMONS 1946: 386
Xenocalamus bicolor australis — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1947
Xenocalamus bicolor australis — BROADLEY 1971: 675
Xenocalamus bicolor australis — BATES et al. 2014: 355

Xenocalamus bicolor bicolor GÜNTHER 1868
Xenocalamus bicolor concavo-rostralis HOFFMAN 1940: 111
Xenocalamus bicolor concavo-rostralis — FITZSIMONS 1946
Xenocalamus bicolor bicolor — FITZSiMONS 1946
Xenocalamus bicolor bicolor — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1947
Xenocalamus bicolor concavo-rostralis — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1947
Xenocalamus bicolor bicolor — BROADLEY 1959
Xenocalamus bicolor — AUERBACH 1987: 174
Xenocalamus bicolor bicolor — BAUER et al. 1993
Xenocalamus bicolor bicolor — BATES et al. 2014: 354

Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus ROUX 1907
Xenocalamus bicolor var. lineatus ROUX 1907
Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus — FITZSiMONS 1946
Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus — BROADLEY 1971: 681
Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus — SCHÄTTI 1985
Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus — PIETERSEN et al. 2013
Xenocalamus lineatus — BROADLEY & BLAYLOCK 2013
Xenocalamus lineatus — WALLACH et al. 2014: 795
Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus — BATES et al. 2014: 355

Xenocalamus bicolor machadoi LAURENT 1954
Xenocalamus bicolor machadoi LAURENT 1954: 45
Xenocalamus bicolor machadoi — BROADLEY 1971: 680
Xenocalamus bicolor machadoi — MARQUES et al. 2018

Xenocalamus bicolor maculatus FITZSIMONS 1932
Xenocalamus bicolor maculatus FITZSIMONS 1932: 39
Xenocalamus bicolor maculatus — FITZSiMONS 1946
Xenocalamus bicolor maculatus — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1947

Xenocalamus bicolor pernasutus (WERNER 1915)
Michaela pernasuta WERNER 1915
Xenocalamus pernasuta — HEWITT 1926: 473
Xenocalamus bicolor pernasutus — FITZSiMONS 1946
Xenocalamus bicolor pernasutus — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1947 
DistributionAngola, W?/S Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Namibia, Botswana,
Republic of South Africa (N Cape, W OFS, Transvaal),
Mozambique, N Zimbabwe

australis: Transvaal (Waterberg District)

bicolor: Namibia, W/C Botswana, Republic of South Africa (N Cape Province, W Orange Free State), N Zimbabwe, C Mozambique

concavorostralis: Republic of South Africa; Type locality: “Kelly’s View, Bloemfontein”.

lineatus: S Mozambique, NE Transvaal, SE Zimbabwe

machadoi: Angola, W Zaire; Type locality: “Dundo” [= Kwanza Norte Province, northeastern Angola]  
TypesType: BMNH 1946.1.2.89 (and possibly additional specimens).
Holotype: MHNN (Neuchatel, Switzerland) [lineatus]
Holotype: DNMNH (= TM) 6275, adult female [australis]
Holotype: MD 2082 (collector A. Barros Machado) [machadoi]
Holotype: DNMNH 14450 (also given as TM) (orig. V.L.K.E. 835), collected in March 1930 [maculatus]
Holotype: lost, was ZMH, destroyed in WW II, collected by W. Michaelsen on 13 May 1911 [pernasutus]
Holotype: NMBL 2077, collected by J. Erasmus in October, 1939 [concavorostralis] 

Synonymy: Xenocalamus bicolor concavorostralis HOFFMAN 1940 is a synonym of X. b. bicolor fide Bates et al. 2014.

Type species: Xenocalamus bicolor GÜNTHER 1868 is the type species of the genus Xenocalamus GÜNTHER 1868.

Phylogenetics: see Portillo et al. 2018 for a phylogenetic analysis of members of Aparallactinae, inlcuding members of Xenocalamus. Figueroa et al. 2016 synonymized Xenocalamus with Amblyodipsas although they only sampled Xenocalamus transvaalensis, hence we leave Xenocalamus for the time being. 
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