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Amyda ornata (GRAY, 1861)

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Higher TaxaTrionychidae (Trionychinae), Trionychoidea, Testudines (turtles)
SubspeciesAmyda ornata ornata (GRAY 1861)
Amyda ornata phayrei (THEOBALD 1868) 
Common Names 
SynonymTrionyx ornatus GRAY 1861: 422
Amyda ornata ornata — FRITZ et al. 2014
Amyda ornata ornata — TTWG 2017: 164
Amyda cartilaginea ornata — TTWG 2017: 164

Amyda ornata phayrei (THEOBALD 1868)
Trionyx phayrei THEOBALD 1870
Trionyx phayrii — BOULENGER 1889
Trionyx phayrei — DE ROOIJ 1915: 328
Amyda ornata phayrei — FRITZ et al. 2014
Amyda ornata phayrei — TTWG 2017: 164
Amyda cartilaginea phayrei — TTWG 2017: 164 
DistributionBangladesh, W Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, N India

ornata: W Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos; Type locality: Cambodia)

phayrei: Myanmar, Thailand; Type locality: Arakan Hills, near Pathein (Bassein), Myanmar.  
TypesTypes: BMNH 1946.1.22.6-7 listed as type of Trionyx ornata 
CommentSynonymy: There has been some confusion between Trionyx and Testudo phayrei in the older literature (see also that entry and references therein). Fritz et al. 2014 revalidated Amyda ornata ornata and A. o. phayrei. However, they did not provide much detail about revised diagnoses but do provide a map of the two A. ornata subspecies. TTWG 2017 is undecided about the status of ornata and lists it borth as valid species and subspecies of cartilaginea.

Habitat: freshwater (rivers and tributaries, lakes)d

Distribution: see maps in TTWG 2017: 162, 163. 
EtymologyT. phayrei was named after Lieut.-Col. Sir A. P. Phayre, Chief Commissioner of British Birma. 
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