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Anguis cephallonica WERNER, 1894

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Higher TaxaAnguidae (Anguinae), Diploglossa, Anguimorpha, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Peloponnese Slow Worm 
SynonymAnguis fragilis var. cephallonica WERNER 1894
Anguis fragilis peloponnesiacus STEPANEK 1937
Anguis fragilis fragilis — WERMUTH 1969
Anguis fragilis peloponnesiacus — BISCHOFF & BISCHOFF 1980
Anguis fragilis peloponnesiacus — MEYER 1985
Anguis cephalonnicus — GRILLITSCH & CABELA 1990
Anguis cephallonicus — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Anguis cephallonicus — ARNOLD 2002
Anguis cephalonicus [sic] — RUTSCHKE et al. 2005
Anguis cephallonicus — TRAPP 2007
Anguis cephallonica — GVOŽDÍK et al. 2010
Anguis cephallonica — GVOŽDIK et al. 2013
Anguis cephallonicus — KWET & TRAPP 2014 
DistributionS Greece (Peloponnes, Zakynthos and Kephallenia Islands)

Type locality: Lagune Kotavos bei Argostoli, Berg Agios Georgios und Sami auf Kephallonia; Berg Skopos auf der Insel Zante.  
TypesLectotype: NMW 31631:6 (juvenile)
Lectotype: NMP P6V-005301, designated by Grillitsch & Cabela 1990: 149 [peloponnesiacus] 
CommentTaxonomy: Gvoždík et al. (2013) suggested to distinguish 5 genetic species of Anguis: graeca, colchica, fragilis, cinerea, and cephallonica. A detailed morphological analysis of the entire genus is under preparation (Benkovsky ́ et al., in preparation).

Distribution: see map in Jablonski et al. 2016: 3 (Fig. 1).

Limb morphology: Limbless. 
EtymologyAnguis is a feminine Latin word and therefore this species has to be called “Anguis cephallonica” (instead of cephalonnicus). 
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