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Anguis veronensis POLLINI, 1818

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Higher TaxaAnguidae (Anguinae), Diploglossa, Anguimorpha, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Italian Slow Worm
G: Italienische Blindschleiche 
SynonymAnguis veronensis POLLINI 1818
Anguis cinereus RISSO 1826
Anguis bicolor RISSO 1826
Anguis cinerea — GVOŽDIK et al. 2013
Anguis veronensis — GVOŽDIK et al. 2013
Anguis veronensis — SPEYBROECK et al. 2020 
DistributionItaly, SE France

Type locality: ‘‘Caldiero e la Ruota” (fide GVOŽDIK et al. 2013)

Type locality: “Nizza” [= Nice], France, restricted by Mertens and Wermuth (1960) [cinereus]  
CommentTaxonomy: GVOŽDÍK et al. 2013 resurrected A. cinerea in a paper published online. After discovering that there is an older available name, they corrected the online paper to A. veronensis. However, while these clades are clearly different genetically, they are not diagnosable morphologically. Gvoždík et al. (2013) suggested to distinguish 5 genetic species of Anguis: graeca, colchica, fragilis, cinerea, and cephallonica. A detailed morphological analysis of the entire genus is under preparation (Benkovsky et al., in preparation).

Distribution: see map in Gvoždík et al. (2013) and Jablonski et al. 2016: 3 (Fig. 1), Jablonski et al. 2021: Fig. 1. 
Etymologyfrom Latin “cinereus” = “ash-grey”. Note, that the color is not typical for this form as other species such as A. fragilis can be colored very similarly. 
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