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Emydura macquarii (GRAY, 1830)

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Higher TaxaChelidae, Chelodininae, Pleurodira, Testudines (turtles)
SubspeciesEmydura macquarii macquarii (GRAY 1830)
Emydura macquarii krefftii (GRAY 1871)
Emydura macquarii emmotti MCCORD, CANN & JOSEPH-OUNI 2003
Emydura macquarii nigra MCCORD, CANN & JOSEPH-OUNI 2003 
Common NamesMurray River Turtle
emmotti: Emmott’s Short-necked Turtle
dharra: Macleay River Short-necked Turtle
gunnabarra: Hunter River Short-necked Turtle
nigra: Fraser Island Short-necked Turtle
signata: Brisbane Short-necked Turtle
australis: Australian Big-headed Side-necked Turtle 
SynonymEmys macquaria CUVIER 1829: 11 (nomen nudum)
Chelys (Hydraspis) macquarii GRAY 1830
Emys maquaria — SCHINZ 1833 (ex errore)
Platemys Macquaria — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1835: 438
Chelymys macquaria — GRAY 1857: 486
Emydura macquarriae — BOULENGER 1889 (nomen subst. pro Hydraspis macquarrii)
Emydura macquarrii — IVERSON 1992: 28
Emydura macquarii — BONIN et al 2006

Emydura macquarii macquarii (GRAY 1830)
Emys macquaria CUVIER 1829 (fide GEORGES & THOMSON 2010)
Chelys (Hydraspis) macquarii GRAY 1830
Hydraspis macquarrii — GRAY 1831
Euchelymys sulcifera GRAY 1871
Emydura signata AHL 1932
Emydura macquarii macquarii — BLACKMORE 1969
Emydura canni WORRELL 1970 (nomen nudum)
Emydura macquarrii signata — WERMUTH & MERTENS 1977
Emydura signata — COGGER 1983
Chelymys cooki WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 8 (nomen nudum)
Chelymys johncanni WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 8 (nomen nudum)
Emydura signata — ALDERTON 1988
Emydura signata — GEORGES 1996
Emydura macquarii binjing CANN 1998
Emydura macquarii dharra CANN 1998
Emydura macquarii gunnabarra CANN 1998
Emydura macquarii dharuk CANN 1998
Emydura macquarii — COGGER 2000: 197
Emydura macquarii signata — COGGER 2000
Emydura signata — GREER 2006

Emydura macquarii krefftii (GRAY 1871)
Chelymys krefftii GRAY 1871: 366
Chelymys victoriae var. marmorata GRAY 1872
Chelymys victoriae var. sulcata GRAY 1872
Emydura krefftii — BOULENGER 1889
Emydura krefftii — COGGER 2000: 196
Emydura macquarii krefftii — BLACKMORE 1969
Emydura macquarii krefftii — MCCORD et al. 2003
Emydura krefftii — TREMBATH et al. 2004
Emydura krefftii — BONIN et al 2006
Emydura macquarii krefftii — HAMANN et al. 2008
Emydura macquarii krefftii — GEORGES & THOMSON 2010

Emydura macquarii emmotti MCCORD, CANN & JOSEPH-OUNI 2003
Chelymys windorah WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 8 (nomen nudum)
Emydura macquarii emmotti CANN et al. 2003
Emydura emmotti — CANN et al, 2003
Emydura macquarii emmotti — GEORGES & THOMSON 2010

Emydura macquarii nigra CANN, MCCORD & JOSEPH-OUNI 2003
Tropicochelymys insularis WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 9 (nomen nudum)
Emydura macquarii nigra MCCORD et al. 2003
Emydura nigra — JOSEPH-OUNI 2003
Emydura macquarii nigra — GEORGES & THOMSON 2010 
DistributionSE Australia (from SC Queensland southward to N Victoria and SE South Australia)

binjing: Clarence River

dharra: Macleay and Hastings Rivers

emmotti: SW Queensland; type locality: Waterloo Station,
Shearing Shed Waterhole, south-western Queensland, Australia (24°13'S, 143°17'E).

gunnabarra: Hunter River

dharuk: Sydney Basin

kreffti: Australia (Queensland generally east of the Great Dividing Range from the Cape York Peninsula southward to N New South Wales); Type locality: Burnett River, Qld.

macquarii: Murray-Darling Basin; Type locality: “Australia”; subsequently corrected to Macquarie River, N. S. W., see Gray (1831).

nigra: Fraser Island and Lake Poona of Cooloola Peninsula. Type locality: Lake MacKenzie, Fraser Island, Queensland (25°27'S, 153°04'E).

signata: Australia (coastal drainages from the vicinity of Brisbane, Queensland, southward to northern New South Wales); Type locality: Brisbane district, Qld.  
TypesHolotype: MNHN-RA 9409
Holotype: BMNH 1947.3.4.36 [australis]
Holotype: R59558 Maskey’s property, nr Newton Boyd, NSW [binjing]
Holotype: R59553 upper Macleay River, nr intersection with Georges Creek, 30°54'S 152°10'E, NSW [dharra]
Holotype: R143598 Nepean River, NSW [dharuk]
Holotype: R143596 Hunter River 32°09'S 150°58'E, NSW [gunabarra]
Holotype: BMNH 1947.3.6.1 [kreffti]
Holotype: ZMB 34102 [signata]
Holotype: QM J51255, adult female, donated by Angus Emmott 15 July 1990 [emmotti]
Holotype: QM J48008, adult female, collected by Arthur Georges, 19 Jan 1986 [nigra] 
CommentSynonymy: Cogger (1983) listed Chelymys victoriae as a synonym of Emydura kreffti. According to some authors signata is a synonym of Elseya latisternum GRAY1867. Subspecies and distributions following COGGER 2000, plus recent updates. Synonymy following GEORGES & THOMSON 2010. GOODE (1967) synonymized Emydura subglobosa and Emydura albertisii with Emydura krefftii. MCCORD et al. (2003) consider E. kreffti as “allopatric populations” and therefore as subspecies of E. macquarii.

Types: Kehlmaier et al. 2019 declared the lectotype BMNH 1947.3.5.95 of Emydura victoriae (= Emydura macquarii) as invalid.

Type Species: Emys macquaria CUVIER 1827 (1829 fide GEORGES & THOMSON 2010) = Chelys (Hydraspis) macquarii GRAY 1830 is the type species of the genus Emydura BONAPARTE 1836.

Subspecies: The new subspecies described by MCCORD et al. (2003) may have been named before by WELLS & WELLINGTON (1985) as Emydura windorah and Emydura insularis but MCCORD et al. (2003) consider these names as nomina nuda. Emydura macquarii signata AHL 1932 has been elevated to full species status.

Distribution: Map in MACCORD et al. (2003).

Habitat: freshwater (rivers, swamps) 
EtymologyEmydura macquarii krefftii was named after Gerhard Krefft (1830-1881), German-born naturalist who worked mostly in Australia. For biographical notes on Krefft see Williams et al. (2006) 
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