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Emydura victoriae (GRAY, 1842)

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Higher TaxaChelidae, Chelodininae, Pleurodira, Testudines (turtles)
Common NamesE: Northern Red-faced Turtle, Victoria Short-necked Turtle 
SynonymHydraspis victoriae GRAY 1842: 55
Chelymys victoriae — BAUR 1888: 419
Chelymys victoriae — BAUR 1889
Emydura victoriae — WORRELL 1963
Tropicochelymys victoriae — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 9
Emydura victoriae — KING & BURKE 1989
Emydura victoriae — GEORGES 1996
Emydura victoriae — COGGER 2000: 199
Emydura victoriae — GEORGES & THOMSON 2010
Emydura victoriae — KEHLMAIER et al. 2019 
DistributionAustralia (Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia)

Type locality: "Victoria River, North-west coast of New Holland" (Northern Territory, Australia)  
TypesHolotype: BMNH 1947.3.5.96, Victoria River, NT, collected Capt. W. Campbell (in error for Capt. W. Chambers). See Cann & Sadlier (2017) for discussion on the extent of the type series and the identity of the holotype. The lectotype designation of BNMH 1947.3.5.95 by Wells & Wellington (1985) is invalid, as this specimen was received by the British Museum after the description of the species. See also Kehlmaier et al. 2019 for further details. 
DiagnosisOriginal description: “Hydraspis victoriae, Gray, Shell ovate, convex, blackish brown marbled with grey and rather rugose above, beneath convex, yellow olive, with slight, impressed, narrow, netted grooves: vertebral plates nearly square, as long as broad, the fourth 6-sided, elongate; the marginal plates rather narrow in front, broader and slightly bent upon the sides, dilated, rather produced, and leaving 2 or 3 notches the tail behind; the sternum narrow; rather convex, shelving on the sides, and with a broad rounded notch behind. The back is regularly convex: the front cavity is much contracted by two rather diverging septa, only leaving a space almost half the width of the outer opening; the sternum is only about one third the width of the lower surface in the middle, and rather tapering behind: the vertebral column is sharply keeled within, and the bones of the pelvis are very strong: the first and second marginal plates are rather broad, the third narrow, the fourth and rest broader; the middle of the fourth and eleventh is opposite the suture between the costal plate. Inhabits Victoria river, North-west coast of New Holland; Captain William Campbell, R,N.” (from GRAY 1842). 
CommentEmydura worrelli is considered by some authors as a synonym of E. victoriae, but treated here as a subspecies of E. subglobosa.

Distribution: Map in MACCORD et al. (2003)

Habitat: freshwater (rivers, swamps) 
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