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Gekko shibatai TODA, SENGOKU, HIKIDA & OTA, 2008

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common Names 
SynonymGekko shibatai TODA, SENGOKU, HIKIDA & OTA 2008
Gekko (Japonigekko) shibatai — WOOD et al. 2019
Gekko (Japonigekko) shibatai — WOOD et al. 2020 
DistributionJapan (Ryukyu Archipelago)

Type locality: Takarajima Island in the Tokara Group, Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan.  
TypesHolotype: KUZ R52225, adult male, 9 Nov. 1995, H. Ota. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. Gekko shibatai is distinguished from all other congeneric species except G. tawaensis and the other poreless species from the southern Tokara and Amami islands of the Ryukyus in lacking distinct preanal pores in adult males. This species is distinct from G. tawaensis by possessing enlarged dorsal tubercles on body and dark i rregul ar spots on the ventral surface of head (both absent in G. tawaensis). Gekko shibatai morphologically mos t resembl es t he ot her por el ess s peci es fr om the southern Tokara–Amami region, but differs from the latter by its smaller number of FGR (usually less than 17, vs. usually 17 or more in the latter), enlarged internasal (as small as the granules immediately posterior to it in the latter), and yellow supralabials and a conspicuous dark brown to black stripe on infralabial series on each side through upper part of mental (beige to light brown supraand infralabials each with diffusely outlined darker spots in the latter). 
EtymologyThe specific epithet shibatai is dedicated to Yasuhiko Shibata, who has greatly contributed to our knowledge on the diversity and distribution of Japanese Gekko. 
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