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Hypsilurus macrolepis PETERS, 1872

IUCN Red List - Hypsilurus macrolepis - Near Threatened, NT

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Higher TaxaAgamidae (Amphibolurinae), Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymHypsilurus macrolepis PETERS 1873: 775
Gonyocephalus godeffroyi BOULENGER 1885 (part.): 296 (not Lophura (Hypsilurus) Godeffroyi PETERS 1867)
Hypsilurus macrolepis — MÜLLER 1880
Gonyocephalus godeffroyi — BOULENGER 1888 (part.): 90
Gonyocephalus godeffroyi — BOULENGER 1890 (part.): 39
Gonyocephalus godeffroyi — DE ROOIJ 1915 (part.): 112
Gonyocephalus godeffroyi — BURT & BURT 1932 (part): 496
Gonocephalus godeffroyi — WERMUTH 1967 (part.): 59
Gonocephalus godeffroyi — MCCOY 1980 (part.): 13
Hypsilurus (Hypsilurus) macrolepis — MOODY 1980: 300
Hypsilurus (Hypsilurus) macrolepis — DENZER et al. 1997: 322
Hypsilurus godeffroyi MCCOY 2000 (part.)
Hypsilurus macrolepis — MANTHEY & DENZER 2006: 16 
DistributionSouthern Solomon Islands: Isabel?, Makira and adjacent smaller islands Malaupaina (Olu Malau Ids.), Ugi, Santa Ana and Uki Ni Masi.

Type locality:” Salomon–Inseln”  
TypesHolotype: ZMB 7510 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Smaller, long–tailed species with homogeneous dorsal scalation and a discontinuous vertebral crest. Several scales below the tympanum enlarged; a row of enlarged submaxillaries present; anterior edge of the gular pouch without enlarged scales.
H. macrolepis differs from godeffroyi, papuensis, schoedei and schultzewestrumi by a higher number of scales between enlarged submaxillaries and infralabials 4 (vs. 2–3), additionally from godeffroyi and schoedei by mainly or at least at the tip of the gular pouch keeled anterior scales (vs. smooth); additionally from godeffroyi by a broader head HW/SVL 0.156 (vs. ≤ 0.127) and a smaller SVL, < 130 mm (vs. > 140 mm), from schultzewestrumi by significantly smaller scales below the tympanum, largest scale clearly < Ø tympanum (vs. ≥ Ø tympanum) and from papuensis by the absence of a dark spot on either side of the neck; longii by a uniform green juvenile colouration (vs. dorsum with light bands, nape with one or two light V–shaped markings; ground colour probably brownish) and a smaller SVL, < 130 mm (vs. > 200 mm); binotatus by a discontinuous vertebral crest (vs. continuous); auritus, geelvinkianus, modestus, nigrigularis and bruijnii by the presence of enlarged scales below the tympanum (vs. absent); boydii, spinipes and dilophus by a homogeneous dorsal scalation (vs. heterogeneous) and a longer tail TL/SVL > 3.5 (vs. < 2.3)(Manthey & Denzer 2006: 16). 
  • Manthey, U. & Denzer, W. 2006. A revision of the Melanesian-Australian angle head lizards of the genus Hypsilurus (Sauria: Agamidae: Amphibolurinae), with description of four new species and one new subspecies. Hamadryad 30 (1-2): 1 – 40 - get paper here
  • McCoy, M. 2006. Reptiles of the Solomon Islands. Pensoft Series Faunistica 57, 212 pp.
  • McCoy, M. 2015. A Field Guide to the Reptiles of the Solomon Islands. Michael McCoy, Kuranda - get paper here
  • Müller, F. 1880. Erster Nachtrag zum Katalog der herpetologischen Sammlung des Basler Museums. Verh. Naturf. Ges. Basel 7: 120-165 - get paper here
  • Peters, W. 1873. Mittheilung über eine, zwei neue Gattungen enthaltende, Sammlung von Batrachiern des Hrn. Dr. O. Wucherer aus Bahia, so wie über einige neue oder weniger bekannte Saurier. Monatsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1872: 768-776. - get paper here
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