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Lissemys scutata (PETERS, 1868)

IUCN Red List - Lissemys scutata - Data Deficient, DD

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Higher TaxaTrionychidae (Cyclanorbinae), Trionychoidea, Testudines (turtles)
Common NamesE: Burmese Flap-shelled Turtle
G: Hinterindische Klappen-Weichschildkröte 
SynonymEmyda scutata PETERS 1868
Emyda fuscomaculata GRAY 1873: 308
Emyda granosa scutata — ANNANDALE 1912
Lissemys punctata scutata — SMITH 1931
Lissemys scutata — ALDERTON 1988
Lissemys scutata — KUCHLING 1995
Lissemys scutata — MCCORD & JOSEPH-OUNI 2003
Lissemys scutata — TTWG 2014
Lyssemys scutata — CORDERO 2017 (in error)
Lissemys scutata — TTWG 2021 
DistributionThailand, Myanmar (= Burma; west as far as the vicinities of Bassein and Chauk in the Ayeyarwady River system; north as far as the vicinity of Bhamo; east to the northern Salween River system; south to the vicinities of Yangon, Pegu and Moulmein, where the Ayeyarwady and Salween Rivers drain in the Gulf of Martaban).

Type locality: Pegú (Birma = Myanmar)  
TypesHolotype: ZMB 6029 (Emyda scutata PETERS 1868) 
CommentHabitat: freshwater (rivers and tributaries, lakes) 
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