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Monopeltis vanderysti DE WITTE, 1922

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Higher TaxaAmphisbaenidae, Amphisbaenia, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesMonopeltis vanderysti vanderysti (DE WITTE 1922)
Monopeltis vanderysti lujae (DE WITTE 1922) 
Common NamesE: Vanderyst Worm Lizard 
SynonymMonopeltis vanderysti DE WITTE 1922: 66
Monopeltis vanderysti vanderysti — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1942
Monopeltis vanderysti vanderysti — LAURENT 1954: 1000
Monopeltis vanderysti vilhenai LAURENT 1954: 66
Monopeltis vanderysti closei LAURENT 1954: 68
Monopeltis lujae WITTE 1922: 67
Monopeltis vanderysti — BROADLEY 1998
Monopeltis vanderysti — GANS 2005: 37
Monopeltis vanderysti — MARQUES et al. 2018

Monopeltis vanderysti lujae (DE WITTE 1922)
Monopeltis lujae DE WITTE 1922
Monopeltis vanderysti lujae — DE WITTE & LAURENT 1942: 74
Monopeltis vanderysti lujae — LAURENT 1952: 203
Monopeltis vanderysti lujae — WITTE 1954: 1002 
DistributionW/C/S Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Angola

Type locality: ‘‘Wombali; Leverville (dist. du Kwango); Lac Leopold II; Kasai’’, Congo; restricted to ‘‘Wombali (dist. Lac Leopold II),’’ Democratic Republic of the Congo (Gans, 1967).

lujae: Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Type locality: “Lubue (distr. Kwango)”  
TypesLectotype: RMCA (= MRAC = RGMC) 1872 (Gans, 1967a). Lectoparatypes: RGMC 897 (Lac Leopold II); RGMC 962 (Kasai); RGMC 2309 (Leverville, Kwango).
Holotype: RMCA (= MRAC = RGMC) 14702 (14502 in error). Paratypes: RGMC 11953; also RGMC 14581 [closei]
Holotype: RMCA 505 (= MRAC = RGMC) [lujae]
Types: MD (Museu Dundo) [vilhenai] 
CommentSynonyms and subspecies that of Broadley et al. (1976) and Gans 2005. 
EtymologyNamed after Father Hyacinth Julien Robert Vanderyst (1860-1934), a missionary, anthropologist, agronomist, botanist and naturalist in the Belgian Congo (Zaire). 
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