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Higher TaxaColubridae, Colubrinae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes)
Common Names 
Oligodon cinereus — GEISSLER et al. 2011 (non O. cinereus GÜNTHER 1864)
Oligodon cattienensis — KWET 2014 (in error) 
DistributionS Vietnam (Dong Nai Province)

Type locality: environs of Ben Cu forest station, Nam Cat Tien sector, Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Province, southern Vietnam (11°26' 03" N, 107° 25' 42" E, 130 m elevation),  
TypesHolotype: ZMMU R–13865 (field ID ZMMU NAP–02281), adult male, collected by Anna B. Vassilieva on 20 January 2011. Paratypes. ZMMU R–13815 (field ID ZMMU NAP–02165), adult male (roadkill) from type locality: Nam Cat Tien sector, Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Province, southern Vietnam (11°25' 43" N, 107° 25' 38" E, 148 m a.s.l.) collected on 13 March 2012 by Eduard A. Galoyan; ZMMU R–13815 (field ID ZMMU NAP–02189), subadult female from type locality (11°27' 03" N, 107° 21' 52" E, 167 m a.s.l.) collected on 04 April 2012 by Eduard A. Galoyan; ZMMU R–13866 (field ID ZMMU NAP–02240), adult male from type locality (11°26' 23" N, 107°25' 33" E; 143 m a.s.l.), collected on 17 December 2012 by Anna B. Vassilieva; ZMMU R–11473, juvenile of undetermined gender from type locality, collected on 16 March 2003 by Vladimir V. Bobrov (preliminarily identified as Oligodon sp.); ZFMK 88921 (preliminarily identified as O. cinereus (Geissler et al. 2011), juvenile of unknown gender, from type locality (11°25' 43" N, 107° 25' 38" E, 148 m a.s.l.) collected by Robert Wayne Van Devender on 27 May 2009. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. A medium-sized Oligodon species, a member of the O. cyclurus group (fide Smith 1943, David et al. 2008b, Green et al. 2010) on the basis of the following morphological attributes: (1) deeply forked hemipenes without spines, (2) 17-17-15 dorsal scale rows, (3) 8–10 maxillary teeth, the posterior three being enlarged, (4) a complete head scalation complement, including a loreal but no presubocular, (5) an entire anal plate; and (6) a spotted and striped dorsal pattern. Oligodon cattienensis sp. nov. differs from all other members of the O. cyclurus group by the combination of the following morphological characters: (7) nasal entire; (8) 2 small postoculars, almost equal in size; (9) 167–178 ventrals; (10) 31–35 subcaudals; (11) tail relatively short (TaL/TL = 0.11–0.13); (12) 24–35 + 5 large dark-edged vertebral blotches in combination with a yellow-orange or red vertebral stripe between blotches; (13) head pattern including ocular band, temporal bands and elongated chevron; (14) ventrals pink or whitish (reddish in juveniles) in life, some bearing a quadrangular dark blotch on each lateral side, or ventrals being entirely dark.

Comparison to other species. See text and Table 2 in VASSILIEVA et al. 2013. 
CommentVariation: this is quite a variable species with brownish, greyish, or even greenish base color. See Figure 4 in VASSILIEVA et al. 2013. 
EtymologyThe new species is named after its type locality, the Cat Tien National Park. Established in 1978, and covering about 72.000 hectares, CTNP is one of the most important areas for the conservation of biodiversity of the lowland forests in southern Indochina. 
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