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Perochirus guentheri BOULENGER, 1885

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Gunther's Tropical Gecko 
SynonymPerochirus guentheri BOULENGER 1885: 155
Perochirus guentheri — WERMUTH 1965: 125
Perochirus guentheri — BROWN 1976
Perochirus guentheri — KLUGE 1993
Perochirus guentheri — RÖSLER 2000: 101 
DistributionNew Hebrides (Tetan, Erromango = Vanuatu)

Type locality: Erromango, New Hebrides  
TypesSyntypes: BMNH 
DiagnosisDescription: A relatively small to moderate sized Pevoohirusy snout-vent length of one mature male 67.5 mm; habitus moderately depressed, stocky; snout moderately tapered, tip rounded, its length about 42% to 44% of length of head; internasal distance, about 4 0% of snout length; breadth of head 78% to 85% of head length and 20% to 22% of snout-vent length; rostral large, quadrangular, broader than long, marked by a median posterior groove; nostril surrounded by rostral, 1st upper labial, supranasal and 2 posterior scales; supranasals separated by 1 or 2 scales; 9 to 11 upper labials, 8th or 9th beneath center of eye; 8 or 9 lower labials; 4 or 5 rows of somewhat enlarged scales, anterior ones largest, in place of chin shields; about 30 or 32 interorbital scale rows; scales on snout and (to a lesser degree) in interorbital region enlarged relative to those on dorsal surfaces of body; scales on dorsal and lateral surfaces of body granular, relatively uniform; enlarged tubercles absent; limbs moderately developed, length of hind limb (extended in preserved condition) 74% to 81% of axilla-groin distance; digits about 1/5 or less webbed, least webbing between 4th and 5th toes, greatest between 2nd and 3rd fingers; 1st toe free for about 1/2 to 3/4 of length of scansor-bearing portion; digits, except for 1st finger, clawed; distally-compressed claw bearing phalanges rise from within dilated part on all but 1st toe; compressed phalanges on 2nd through 5th digits, extend beyond dilated portions usually for less than 1/2 their length; a short medianly arched series of about 12 to 15 enlarged preanal scales in pore series, bearing a series of 10 to 12 preanal pores in males, continuous with a very short row of somewhat enlarged non-pore-bearing scales on proximal end of thigh; between pore row and vent several rows of scales enlarged to various degrees, form an anteriorly pointed wedge. A couple of rows anterior to pore row appear somewhat enlarged; tail depressed and usually broad, dorso-ventral depth just posterior to basal ventral swellings 59% to 60% of breadth at same point; tail breadth 81% to 88% of head breadth; lateral margin of tail on basal unregenerated half, with a short spine about every 6th or 7th row of scales on mature male syntype, such spines absent from broken tail of other syntype (Brown 1976). 
CommentConservation: The species is known only from four specimens: two specimens from Erromango collected in 1859 or 1860 (type locality) by Cuming (BMNH) and a third one collected on the same island in August 1971 in Marshall’s tent, on the site of Nuangkau camp. A fourth specimen from AMNH was col- lected on Anatom but was not reported by Medway and Marshall in 1975. 
EtymologyNamed after Albert Günther (1830-1914), German-born zoologist at the British Museum. 
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