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Sphaerodactylus randi SHREVE, 1968

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Higher TaxaSphaerodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
SubspeciesSphaerodactylus randi methorius SCHWARTZ 1977
Sphaerodactylus randi strahmi SCHWARTZ 1977
Sphaerodactylus randi randi SHREVE 1968 
Common NamesE: Barahona Speckled Geckolet, Pedernales Least Gecko 
SynonymSphaerodactylus notatus randi SHREVE 1968: 5
Sphaerodactylus randi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 525
Sphaerodactylus randi — KLUGE 1993
Sphaerodactylus randi — RÖSLER 2000: 113
Sphaerodactylus randi randi — DE LISLE et al. 2013

Sphaerodactylus randi methorius SCHWARTZ 1977
Sphaerodactylus randi methorius SCHWARTZ 1977: 248
Sphaerodactylus randi methorius — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988: 190
Sphaerodactylus randi methorius — DE LISLE et al. 2013

Sphaerodactylus randi strahmi SCHWARTZ 1977
Sphaerodactylus randi strahmi SCHWARTZ 1977: 251
Sphaerodactylus randi strahmi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988: 190
Sphaerodactylus randi strahmi — DE LISLE et al. 2013 
DistributionHispaniola: Dominican Republic (Pedernales Province, Pedernales Province)

randi: vicinity of type-locality. Type locality: Oviedo, Pedernales, Dominican Republic

methorius: vicinity of Pedernales, República Dominicana. Type locality: Pedernales, Pedernales Province, Republica Dominicana.

strahmi: vicinity of Juancho, República Dominicana; Cayo Pisaje. Type locality: 3 km SE Juancho, opposite Cayo Pisaje, Pedernales Province, Republica Dominicana.  
TypesHolotype: MCZ 57839
Holotype: CM 60501 [methorius]
Holotype: USNM 1973 16 [strahmi] 
DiagnosisDESCRIPTION: Size moderate (SVL in males to 31 mm, in females to 32 mm); dorsals large, acute, strongly keeled, flattened, imbricate, axilla to groin 27-39; no area of middorsal granules or granular scales; ventrals smooth, cycloid, imbricate, axilla to groin 27-37; dorsal caudal scales keeled, acute, imbricate, flat-lying to slightly erected, ventral caudal scales smooth, cycloid, not to slightly enlarged midventrally; snout acuminate, not depressed or decurved; snout scales small, broad, flat, smooth, juxtaposed; 2 postnasals; 0-3 (mode 1) internasals; upper labials to mideye 3-4 (strongly modally 3); gular scales usually smooth, but occasionally keeled or partially keeled; chest scales smooth; midbody scales 45-57; escutcheon with broad, compact central area and extensions to about midpoint of thighs or a little beyond, 4-7 x 12-16. Dorsal coloration and pattern variable, but not strongly sexually dichromatic; dorsum pale tan to dark brown, either uniform or flecked with darker pigment to give "salt-and-pepper" effect; females of 1 population at times with orange body ocelli; males with heads heavily dotted to vermiculate dark brown or black on yellowish or tan ground, heads in females either dotted dark brown or with a trilineate head pattern; throat either concolor with venter (flesh-colored, whitish, dark brown) or with upper side of head yellow; scapular patch (in juveniles) more or less square, black, with a widely opened, pale chevron along anterior edge and with 2 whitish to orange ocelli, either included in, or lying along posterior edge of, scapular patch, or at times fused to each other to give a black patch with both anterior and posterior margins pale or orange; scapular pattern much reduced in males (usually absent but ocelli and bar at times indicated) and less reduced in adult females, which have patch, bar, and ocelli present, obscure, or even absent (Schwartz & Henderson 1991: 525). 
EtymologyNamed for A. Stanley Rand (1932-2005), American herpetologist and co-collector of the type series. 
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