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Tropiocolotes hormozganensis ROUNAGHI, RASTEGAR-POUYANI & HOSSEINIAN, 2018

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common Names 
SynonymTropiocolotes hormozganensis ROUNAGHI, RASTEGAR-POUYANI & HOSSEINIAN 2018
Tropiocolotes hormozganensis RAJABIZADEH, FAIZI, ANDERSON, ZARRINTAB & NAZAROV 2018
Tropiocolotes sp. — SMID et al. 2014
Tropiocolotes steudneri — GUIBÉ 1966 (ex errore)
Tropiocolotes cf. steudneri — ANDERSON 1999 
DistributionIran (Hormozgan)

Type locality: Bandar-Lengeh, Hormozgan province, southern Iran (fide Rounaghi et al. 2018)

Type locality: Iran, Hormozgan Province, about 10 km west of Bandar-e Khamir, ChahDeraz plain (26°58' N 56°16' E) (fide fide Rajabizadeh et al. 2018)  
TypesHolotype: SUHC 1818 (male), 30.88 mm snout-vent length, collected September 2010; Paratypes: SUHC 1819 (male), 29.69 mm snout-vent length, SUHC 1820 (female) and 30.70 mm snout-vent length, collected September 2010 (fide Rounaghi et al. 2018).
Holotype: ICSTZM (also as ICSTZ) M6H1296, Adult Male, collected by F. Mokhlesi, October, 2008 (Figure 4 in Rajabizadeh et al. 2018); Paratype: ZFMK 96464, same locality as holotype (Rajabizadeh et al. 2018). 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Two species are closely related to T. hormozganensis sp. nov. as T. naybandensis and T. wolfgangboehmei. The new species was differentiated from T. naybandensis with fewer than 3 nasal scales; fewer than 12 scales under the first toe; and more than 3 postmental scales. T. hormozganensis sp. nov. is differentiated from T. wolfgangboehmei by having three pairs of postmentals (Fig. 2C), but is differentiated from T. steudneri in the relative size of postmentals as these have equal size in T. steudneri (Wilms et al. 2010) but are smaller in T. hormozganensis sp. nov. 
CommentTwo descriptions of this species were published by different authors. While we received a preprint of the ROUNAGHI et al. paper on 7 Jan 2018 (as an uncorrected proof without publication date), the paper by RAJABIZADEH et al. was formally published on 2 March 2018. ROUNAGHI had no publication date at this time but the Zoobank registration says “07 January 2018”, so we treat ROUNAGHI et al. with priority.

Distribution: the type localities mentioned in the two descriptions (Bandar- Lengeh and 10 km W of Bandar-e Khamir) are about 50 km apart. 
EtymologyThe name of hormozganensis was attained from the species locality (Hormozgan province, southern Iran). 
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  • Guibe, J. 1966. Contribution a l’etude des Microgecko Nikolsky et Tropiocolotes Peters (Lacertilia, Gekkonidae). Bulletin du Museum National d ‘Histoire Naturelle (ser. 2) 38: 337-346.
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  • ROUNAGHI, Iman; Eskandar RASTEGAR-POUYANI, and Saeed HOSSEINIAN 2018. A NEW SPECIES OF THE GENUS Tropiocolotes PETERS, 1880 FROM HORMOZGAN PROVINCE, SOUTHERN IRAN (REPTILIA: GEKKONIDAE). South Western Journal of Horticulture, Biology and Environment 9 (1): 15-23 - get paper here
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