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Alopoglossus viridiceps TORRES-CARVAJAL & LOBOS, 2014

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Higher TaxaAlopoglossidae, Sauria, Gymnophthalmoidea, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Green-headed shade lizards
S: Lagartijas de sombra de cabeza verde 
SynonymAlopoglossus viridiceps TORRES-CARVAJAL & LOBOS 2014
Alopoglossus viridiceps — HERNÁNDEZ-MORALES et al. 2020 
DistributionEcuador (Pichincha)

Type locality: Nanegal, Santa Lucia Cloud Forest Reserve, 0.113528°N; -78.6135°W (Decimal Degrees, WGS84), 1742 m, Provincia Pichincha, Ecuador  
Reproductionoviparous (manual and phylogenetic imputation, fide Zimin et al. 2022) 
TypesHolotype: QCAZ 10670 (Figs 1,2), an adult male, collected on 27 June 2010 by V. Aguirre-Peñafiel and J. Zanka. Paratypes (11). ECUADOR: Provincia Pichincha: QCAZ 9738, Mindo, Haci- enda San Vicente, -0.050720°N, -78.772350°W (DD), 1246 m, collected on 7 Au- gust 2009 by S. Poe, E. Schaad, I. Latella, N. Blea, T. Kennedy and F. Ayala-Varela; QCAZ 10821, 10826, Nanegal, Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Reserve, 0.117780°N, -78.607555°W (DD), 1580 m, collected on 9 March 2010 by B. Tolhurst, P. Mafla- Endara, S. Ryan and X. Cueva; QCAZ 11854–55, Nanegal, Santa Lucía Cloud For- est Reserve, trail to waterfalls, 0.109450°N, -78.609380°W (DD), 1645 m, collect- ed on 12 September 2013 by D. Ortiz and O. Torres-Carvajal; QCAZ 11927–29, Nanegal, Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Reserve, 0.113330°N, -78. 613280°W (DD), 1736 m, collected on 6 November 2013 by F. Ayala-Varela, E. Carrillo, V. Macias and T. Ostos; QCAZ 10666, 10753, same collection data as holotype, but collected on 14 July 2010 by V. Aguirre-Peñafiel and 26 July 2010 by S. Maddock and V. Aguirre-Peñafiel, respectively. QCAZ 10671, Nanegal, Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Re- serve, 0.119280°N, -78.596470°W (DD), 1911 m, collected on 29 June 2010 by M.A. Chinchero. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. Alopoglossus viridiceps can be distinguished from all other known con- geners except A. festae by having a double longitudinal row of widened gular scales and lanceolate dorsal scales in transverse rows. From A. festae (character states in paren- theses, taken from Köhler et al. 2012), the new species differs in having 29–32 dorsal scales in a transverse row at midbody (16–24, mean = 19.14 ± 2.25), four ventral scales in a transverse row at midbody (six), and a distinct longitudinal light stripe from mouth commissure to shoulder (Fig. 3). Scale counts and measurements of A. festae and A. viridiceps are presented in Table 2 in TORRES-CARVAJAL & LOBOS 2014. 
EtymologyThe specific epithet viridiceps is an adjective derived from the Latin words “viridis” and “ceps”, which mean “green” and “head”, respectively. It refers to the distinctive bright green coloration of the dorsal and ventral aspects of the head of Alopoglossus viridiceps sp. n. 
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