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Amblyrhynchus cristatus BELL, 1825

IUCN Red List - Amblyrhynchus cristatus - Vulnerable, VU

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Higher TaxaIguanidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesAmblyrhynchus cristatus cristatus BELL 1825
Amblyrhynchus cristatus albemarlensis EIBL-EIBESFELDT 1962
Amblyrhynchus cristatus hassi EIBL-EIBESFELDT 1962
Amblyrhynchus cristatus mertensi EIBL-EIBESFELDT 1962
Amblyrhynchus cristatus nanus GARMAN 1892
Amblyrhynchus cristatus sielmanni EIBL-EIBESFELDT 1962
Amblyrhynchus cristatus venustissimus EIBL-EIBESFELDT 1956 
Common NamesE: Marine Iguana
G: Meerechse 
SynonymAmblyrhynchus cristatus BELL 1825: 206
Iguana (A. [mblyrhynchus]) Cristatus - GRAY 1831: 37
Iguana (A. [mblyrhynchus]) Ater GRAY 1831
Amblyrhincus [sic] cristatus — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1837: 195
Amblyrhincus [sic] ater — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1837: 196
? Amblyrhincus [sic] Demarlii DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1837: 197
Hypsilophus (Amblyrhynchus) cristatus — FITZINGER 1843: 55
Hypsilophus (Amblyrhynchus) ater - FITZINGER 1843: 55
Oreocephalus cristatus - GRAY 1845: 189
Amblyrhynchus cristatus — STEINDACHNER 1876
Amblyrhynchus cristatus — BOULENGER 1885: 185
Amblyrhynchus cristatus — SWASH & STILL 2000 
DistributionGalapagos (Ecuador)

cristatus: Isla Fernandina (= Narborough I.)

albemarlensis: Isla Isabela (= Albemarle I.)

ater: Isla Pinzón (= Duncan I.)

hassi: Isla Santa Cruz (= Intefadigable I.)

mertensi: Isla San Cristóbal (= Chatham I.), Isla Santiago (= James I.)

nanus: Isla Genovesa (= Tower I.)

sielmanni: Isla Pinta (= Abington I.)

venustissimus: Isla Española (= Hood I.), Gardener Island;

Type locality: restricted to (Eibl-Eibesfeldt 1956) Narborough (Fernandina). Map legend:
TDWG region - Region according to the TDWG standard, not a precise distribution map.

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TypesHolotype: OUMNH 6176, Oxford University Museum of Natural History 6176
Holotype: SMF [venustissimus] 
CommentTerra typica: Mexico (in error) [BELL 1825].

Reproduction: Hybrids between Amblyrhynchus cristatus and Conolophus subcristatus have been reported by several authors (Lücker & Feiler 2002). Amblyrhynchus cristatus, Conolophus subcristatus and Conolophus marthae can hybridize and produce viable offspring (Tzika et al. 2008).

Habitat: partly marine.

Type species: Amblyrhynchus cristatus BELL 1825 is the type species of the genus Amblyrhynchus BELL 1825. 
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