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Ameiva chrysolaema COPE, 1868

IUCN Red List - Ameiva chrysolaema - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaTeiidae, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesAmeiva chrysolaema chrysolaema COPE 1868
Ameiva chrysolaema abbotti NOBLE, 1923
Ameiva chrysolaema alacris SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema boekeri MERTENS 1938
Ameiva chrysolaema defensor SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema evulsa SCHWARTZ, 1973
Ameiva chrysolaema ficta SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema jacta SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema parvoris SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema procax SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema quadrijugis SCHWARTZ, 1968
Ameiva chrysolaema regularis FISCHER, 1888
Ameiva chrysolaema richardthomasi SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema secessa SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema umbratilis SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI, 1966
Ameiva chrysolaema woodi COCHRAN, 1934 
Common NamesCommon Ameiva 
SynonymAmeiva chrysolaema COPE 1868:127
Cnemidophorus affinis FISCHER 1883: 1
Ameiva chrysolaema — BOULENGER 1885: 355
Ameiva chrysolaema — FISCHER 1888: 24
Ameiva chrysolaema leberi SCHWARTZ & KLINIKOWSKI 1966: 459
Ameiva leberi — SCHWARTZ & THOMAS 1975: 59
Ameiva leberi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 194
Ameiva chrysolaema — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 186
Ameiva leberi — POWELL et al. 1999
Ameiva chrysolaema — HARVEY et al. 2012

Ameiva chrysolaema abbotti NOBLE 1923
Ameiva chrysolema [sic] abbotti — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 187

Ameiva chrysolaema alacris SCHWARTZ and KLINIKOWSKI 1966
Ameiva chrysolema [sic] alacris — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 187

Ameiva chrysolaema boekeri MERTENS 1938
Ameiva chrysolaema boekeri MERTENS 1938: 338
Ameiva chrysolaema boekeri — BARBOUR & LOVERIDGE 1946

Ameiva chrysolaema regularis FISCHER, 1888
Ameiva regularis FISCHER 1888: 26

Ameiva chrysolaema woodi COCHRAN 1934
Ameiva chrysolaema woodi COCHRAN 1934: 181
Ameiva chrysolaema woodi — BARBOUR & LOVERIDGE 1946 
DistributionHispaniola, Isla Beata, Isla Saona, Isla Catalina, Cayos Siete Hermanos, Isla Cabras, Ile de la Gonave, Ile de la Tortue, Ile a Cabrit, Grosse Caye

chrysolaema: Haiti, coast of Golfe de la Gonave from Diquini and Carrefour to Pont Sondé, and east through the Plaine de Cul de Sac to the Dominico-Haitian border; lIe à Cabrit. Type locality: "Ile de la Gonave"; restricted by Cochran, 1941, to within 25 mi.of Port-au-Prince, Département de l'Ouest, Haiti.

abbotti: Isla Beata.

alacris: East-central Haiti through Valle de San Juan, República Dominicana; intergrades with A. ch. boekeri in Azua Province, and with A. ch. chrysolaema in vicinity of Mirebalais.

boekeri: República Dominicana, extreme eastern Valle de Neiba, east to north of Azua and to Bani, where A. ch. boekeri intergrades with A. ch. procax.

defensor: Northwestern Haiti, south to Gros-Morne, Ennery, and Gonaïves; intergrades with A. ch. chrysolaema near Dessalines.

evulsa: Haiti, Grosse Caye; perhaps also at Aquin and Cap St-Georges.

ficta: República Dominicana, Peninsula de Barahona.

jacta: República Dominicana, extreme east (Cabo Engaño region).

leberi (invalid): Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic); Type locality: 5 km B Pedernales, Pedernales Province, República Dominicana.

parvoris: República Dominicana, southeastern coast; perhaps the subspecies on Isla Catalina.

procax: República Dominicana, south-central coast, into interior San Cristóbal Province.

quadrijugis: Haiti, proximal portion of the Tiburon Peninsula; intergrades with A. ch. chrysolaema at Gressier.

regularis: North-central Hispaniola, from Carosse in Haiti, east through Plaine du Nord, into Valle de Cibao in República Dominicana to Santiago; Cayos Siete Hermanos; Isla Cabras.

richardthomasi: Isla Saona.

secessa: lie de la Gonave.

umbratilis: República Dominicana, Valle de Neiba.

woodi: lle de la Tortue. Map legend:
TDWG region - Region according to the TDWG standard, not a precise distribution map.

NOTE: TDWG regions are generated automatically from the text in the distribution field and not in every cases it works well. We are working on it.
TypesSyntypes: USNM 12140, USNM 12142.
Holotype: MCZ 77236. [leberi]
Holotype: AMNH R24327 or 24317 [abbotti]
Holotype: MCZ 77232 [alacris]
Holotype: SMIF 25033 [boekeri]
Holotype: MCZ 63379 [defensor]
Holotype: USNM 189236 [evulsa]
Holotype: MCZ 77237 [ficta]
Holotype: MCZ 75267 [jacta]
Holotype: MCZ 77234 [parvoris]
Holotype: MCZ 77233 [procax]
Holotype: MCZ 92046 [quadrijugis]
Holotype: formerly in HZM, now destroyed [regularis]
Holotype: MCZ 77235 [richardthomasi]
Holotype: MCZ 77238 [secessa]
Holotype: MCZ 77231 [umbratilis]
Holotype: MCZ 37583 [woodi] 
CommentFor illustrations see Fischer, 1883 (as Cnemidophorus affinis); Klingel, 1929; Mertens, 1939; Cochran, 1941; Schwartz and Klinikowski, 1966.

Synonymy: Sequence analyses indicate that A. leberi of Hispaniola is a junior synonym of A. chrysolaema (HOWER & HEDGES 2003). A. leberi had its own NCBI taxID, 231593. 
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