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Amphisbaena angustifrons COPE, 1861

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Higher TaxaAmphisbaenidae, Amphisbaenia, Lacertoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: South American Worm Lizard 
SynonymAmphisbaena angustifrons COPE 1861
Amphisbaena knighti PARKER 1928: 383
Amphisbaena angustifrons — GANS 1965: 13
Amphisbaena angustifrons — CEI 1993
Amphisbaena angustifrons — DIRKSEN & DE LA RIVA 2000
Amphisbaena angustifrons — GANS 2005: 11
Amphisbaena angustifrons — CACCIALI et al. 2016
Amphisbaena angustifrons — MONTERO 2016 
DistributionC and N Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia (Beni, Cochabamba, Tarija)

Type locality: Buenos Aires, Argentina  
TypesHolotype: ANSP 9690.
Holotype: BMNH 1928.5.2.1-RR1946.8.31.76, paratypes: BMNH [knighti] 
DiagnosisDIAGNOSIS: A medium to large-sized species of Amphisbaena, with the post-rostral head shields paired and without major fusions of head shields; with an elongate, acutely pointed head, terminating in a narrow, faintly spatulate tip, and with a short, conically reduced tail that lacks an autotomy annulus and cannot be autotomized. Specimens have 190 to 215 (occasionally to 253) body annuli; 12 to 18 caudal annuli; and means of 20 to 31 dorsal and 21 to 30 ventral segments to a midbody annulus. Four, rarely three, five, or six precloacal pores. Living specimens brownish above, lighter below, with reddish purple overtones. Pigmentation appearing concentrated along anterior portions of segments which are otherwise evenly colored. (Gans 1965) 
EtymologyNamed after Latin “angustus, -a, -um” = narrow, and Latin “frons”, “frontis” = forehead. 
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