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Anolis ginaelisae (LOTZKAT, HERTZ, BIENENTREU & KÖHLER, 2013)

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Higher TaxaDactyloidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common Names 
SynonymDactyloa ginaelisae LOTZKAT, HERTZ, BIENENTREU & KÖHLER 2013
Anolis microtus — 1937 (part.)
Dactyloa ginaelisae — KWET 2014 
DistributionW Panama

Type locality: banks of Quebrada Juglí (Fig. 19F in LOTZKAT et al. 2013) on the southeastern slope of Cerro Saguí (also known as Cerro Ratón; locality 11 in Fig. 1) at Finca Alto Cedro, about 2 km north-northeast of the village Ratón, 8.5576°N, 81.8262°W, 1710 m asl, Corregimiento de Piedra Roja, Distrito de Kankintú, Comarca Ngöbe-Buglé, Panama.  
TypesHolotype: SMF 91504 (Figs. 2; 8; 9S–T), adult male; collected by Andreas Hertz and Sebastian Lotzkat on 08 July 2010; original field number SL 660.
Paratypes. Collected by Sebastian Lotzkat and Andreas Hertz, if not indicated otherwise. All from the Comarca Ngöbe-Buglé, Panama. Southeastern slope of Cerro Saguí (Fig. 1: loc. 11): MHCH 2240, juvenile female, same collecting data as holotype; MHCH 2239 and SMF 91503, females, near type locality, 8.5561°N, 81.8252°W, 1700 m asl, 07 July 2010; SMF 91502, juvenile female, about 850 m NNE of type locality, 8.5636°N, 81.8217°W, 1960 m asl, 08 July 2010. Western slope of Cerro Santiago, La Nevera (Fig. 1: loc. 14): SMF 89496 and 89497, juvenile female and adult female, 8.4997°N, 81.7724°W, 1700 m asl, 11 May and 17 August 2008; SMF 85069, juvenile female, 8.5000°N, 81.7722°W, 1600 m asl, collected by Abel Batista, Gunther Köhler, Marcos Ponce, and Javier Sunyer on 22 January 2006; SMF 89498, male, 8.5011°N, 81.7694°W, 1580 m asl, 14 August 2008; MHCH 2235, juvenile female, 8.5018°N, 81.7689°W, 1560 m asl, 10 August 2008; MHCH 2238, female, 8.4989°N, 81.7682°W, 1620 m asl, 11 November 2009; MHCH 2234, female, 8.5032°N, 81.7675°W, 1530 m asl, 10 August 2008; SMF 90133, female, 8.4954°N, 81.7673°W, 1810 m asl, 11 November 2009. Eastern slope of Cerro Santiago, Quebrada Ardilla (Fig. 1: loc. 15): MHCH 1338, female, 8.4974°N, 81.7228°W, 1600 m asl, 24 March 2009. 
Etymology“Sebastian Lotzkat dedicates this exceptionally beautiful new species to his even more enchanting fiancée Gina Elisa Moog, who has made more than a third of his life worthwhile by now, in deepest gratitude for that wonderful time and pleasant anticipation of a mutual future.” 
  • Kwet, Axel 2014. Liste der im Jahr 2013 neu beschriebenen Reptilien. Terraria-Elaphe 2014 (3): 56-67 - get paper here
  • LOTZKAT, SEBASTIAN; ANDREAS HERTZ, JOE-FELIX BIENENTREU & GUNTHER KÖHLER 2013. Distribution and variation of the giant alpha anoles (Squamata: Dactyloidae) of the genus Dactyloa in the highlands of western Panama, with the description of a new species formerly referred to as D. microtus. Zootaxa 3626 (1): 1–54 - get paper here
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