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Anolis scriptus GARMAN, 1887

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Higher TaxaDactyloidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesAnolis scriptus scriptus GARMAN 1887
Anolis scriptus leucophaeus GARMAN 1888
Anolis scriptus mariguanae COCHRAN 1931
Anolis scriptus sularum BARBOUR & SHREVE 1935 
Common NamesSilver Key Anole 
SynonymAnolis scriptus GARMAN 1887: 28
Anolis albipalpebralis BARBOUR 1916 (fide KLUGE 1984)
Anolis scriptus — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 338
Anolis scriptus — BRANDLEY & DE QUEIROZ 2004
Ctenonotus scriptus — NICHOLSON et al. 2012

Anolis scriptus leucophaeus GARMAN 1888
Anolis leucophaeus GARMAN 1888: 109
Anolis moorei COPE 1895: 433
Anolis cinnamomeus COPE 1895: 433
Anolis leucophaeus — ROSEN 1911: 29
Anolis moorei — ROSEN 1911: 29
Anolis scriptus leucophaeus — RAND 1962: 3
Ctenonotus scriptus leucophaeus — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988: 119
Ctenonotus scriptus leucophaeus — NICHOLSON et al. 2012

Anolis scriptus mariguanae COCHRAN 1931
Anolis leucophaeus mariguanae COCHRAN 1931
Anolis leucophaeus mariguanae — BARBOUR & LOVERIDGE 1946
Anolis scriptus mariguanae — RAND 1962: 3
Ctenonotus scriptus mariguanae — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988: 119
Ctenonotus scriptus mariguanae — NICHOLSON et al. 2012

Anolis scriptus sularum BARBOUR and SHREVE 1935
Anolis leucophaeus sularum BARBOUR and SHREVE 1935: 354
Anolis leucophaeus sularum — BARBOUR & LOVERIDGE 1946
Anolis scriptus sularum — RAND 1962: 3
Ctenonotus scriptus sularum — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988: 120
Ctenonotus scriptus sularum — NICHOLSON et al. 2012 
DistributionBahamas, Great Inagua, Turks I, Caicos I

scriptus: Turks and Caicos Is. Type locality: Silver and Lena Keys, Florida; emended and restricted by Rand, 1962, to Silver Key, Turks and Caicos Islands.

leucophaeus: Bahama Is.: Great Inagua I. including Sheep Cay, Little Inagua I.

mariguanae: Bahama Is.: Mayaguana I. and Booby Cay.

sularum: Bahama Is.: Samana Cay (including Booby Cay), West Plana Cay. Map legend:
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TypesSyntypes: MCZ 972-73.
LECTOTYPE: MCZ 65950, selected by Rand, 1962.
HOLOTYPE MCZ 6226 [leucophaeus]
HOLOTYPE USNM 81346 [mariguanae]
HOLOTYPE MCZ 38013 [sularum] 
CommentFor illustrations see Cope, 1895 (as Anolis moorei and A. cinnamomeus); Klingel, 1940; Schwartz and Henderson, 1985.
Ecomorph class: trunk-ground.

Species group: Ctenonotus cristatellus species group (fide NICHOLSON et al. 2012). 
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