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Anolis terraealtae BARBOUR, 1915

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Higher TaxaAnolidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Les Saintes Anole, Les Saines Anole 
SynonymAnolis terrae=altae BARBOUR 1915: 76
Anolis speciosus terraealtae — UNDERWOOD in WILLIAMS et al. 1959
Anolis marmoratus terraealtae — LAZELL 1964: 392
Ctenonotus marmoratus terraealtae — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988: 115
Anolis marmoratus terraealtae — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 299
Anolis terraealtae — BREUIL 2002
Anolis terraealtae — STENSON et al. 2004
Anolis terraealtae — LORVELEC et al. 2007
Anolis terraealtae — THORPE et al. 2008
Ctenonotus terraealtae — NICHOLSON et al. 2012
Ctenonotus terraealtae — NICHOLSON et al. 2018 
DistributionTerre-de-Haut, Îlet-à-Cabrit, and Grand Ilet, Îles des Saintes.

Type locality: “Terre d’en Haut, Isles des Saintes, Guadeloupe, Fr. W.I.”  
TypesHolotype: MCZ 10627 
CommentSpecies group: Ctenonotus bimaculatus species group (fide NICHOLSON et al. 2012).

Hybridization: A. oculatus and A. terraealtae can interbreed and produce offspring (Weidlich 2023, Anole Annals) 
EtymologyNamed after Latin terra ‘earth’ and altus, a, um, ‘high’, from Terre de Haut des Saintes, Guadeloupe (Fretey 2023). 
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