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Asaccus elisae (WERNER, 1895)

IUCN Red List - Asaccus elisae - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaPhyllodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common NamesWerner's Leaf-Toed Gecko 
SynonymPhyllodactylus elisae WERNER 1895
Phyllodactylus eugeniae NIKOLSKY 1907
Phyllodactylus elisae — SCHMIDT 1939
Phyllodactylus eliasae — HAAS [sic] 1952
Phyllodactylus ingae EISELT 1973
Phyllodactylus elisae — ARNOLD 1977: 100
Asaccus elisae — DIXON & ANDERSON 1973
Asacus [sic] elisae — BARAN & GRUBER 1982
Asaccus elisae — KLUGE 1993
Asaccus elisae — RÖSLER 1995: 98
Asaccus elisae — PAPENFUSS et al. 2010 
DistributionS Turkey (Birecik, SE Anatolia, Sanliurfa: HR 33: 223)
E Iraq, SW Iran, NE Syria (Niniveh)

Type locality: ruins of Niniveh (near Mosul)

eugeniae: Iran; Type locality: Dizful and Abu-Garia, affluent to Karun River, Iran.  
TypesSyntypes: NMW (4 spec.); BMNH (1946.8.24.39)
Syntypes ZIL 10261 [6+], 10262 [6+], 10263 [4], 10270[3], 10349) [Phyllodactylus eugeniae] 
CommentNot listed by Engelmann et al. (1993).

Synonymy: mostly after ARNOLD & GARDNER 1994.

Type species: Phyllodactylus elisae WERNER 1895 is the type species of the genus Asaccus DIXON & ANDERSON 1973.

Distribution: See map in SMID et al. 2014 for distribution in Iran. 
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