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Borikenophis portoricensis (REINHARDT & LÜTKEN, 1862)

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Higher TaxaColubridae (Dipsadinae), Alsophiini, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes)
SubspeciesBorikenophis portoricensis portoricensis (REINHARDT & LÜTKEN 1862)
Borikenophis portoricensis anegadae (BARBOUR 1917)
Borikenophis portoricensis aphantus (SCHWARTZ 1966)
Borikenophis portoricensis nicholsi (GRANT 1937)
Borikenophis portoricensis richardi (GRANT 1946) 
Common NamesE: Puerto Rican Racer 
SynonymAlsophis portoricensis REINHARDT & LÜTKEN 1862: 221
Dromicus sanctae-crucis var. portoricensis — BOULENGER 1896: 113
Alsophis portoricensis — STEJNEGER 1904: 700
Alsophis portoricensis — FOWLER 1918
Alsophis portoricensis — GRANT 1932
Alsophis portoricensis —  MAGLIO 1970
Alsophis portoricensis — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 572
Alsophis portoricensis — CROTHER 1999
Ocyophis portoricensis — ZAHER et al. 2009
Borikenophis portoricensis — HEDGES et al. 2009
Borikenophis portoricensis — WALLACH et al. 2014: 108

Borikenophis portoricensis anegadae BARBOUR 1917
Alsophis anegadae BARBOUR 1917: 102
Dromicus anegadae — GRANT 1937: 521
Alsophis portoricensis anegadae — CAREY 1972
Alsophis portoricensis anegadae — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988
Alsophis portoricensis anegadae — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 573
Alsophis portoricensis anegadae — BARUN et al. 2007
Borikenophis portoricensis anegadae — HEDGES et al. 2009
Alsophis portoricensis anegadae — MOUGEY & PERRY 2015

Borikenophis portoricensis aphantus (SCHWARTZ 1966)
Alsophis portoricensis aphantus SCHWARTZ 1966
Alsophis portoricensis aphantus — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988
Alsophis portoricensis aphantus — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 573
Borikenophis portoricensis aphantus — HEDGES et al. 2009

Borikenophis portoricensis nicholsi (GRANT 1937)
Alsophis nicholsi GRANT 1937: 516
Alsophis nicholsi nicholsi — GRANT 1946
Alsophis portoricensis nicholsi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988
Alsophis portoricensis nicholsi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 573
Borikenophis portoricensis nicholsi — HEDGES et al. 2009

Borikenophis portoricensis richardi (GRANT 1946)
Alsophis nicholsi richardi GRANT 1946: 124
Alsophis portoricensis richardi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988
Alsophis portoricensis — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 574
Borikenophis portoricensis richardi — HEDGES et al. 2009 
DistributionPuerto Rico (incl. Culebrita), British Virgin Islands (e.g. Anegada)

portoricensis: widely distributed in Puerto Rico (including Cayo Santiago) except southern third of island and extreme west.

anegadae: British Virgin Is.

aphantus: Isla Vieques.

nicholsi: Buck Island of the Capella Islands off south coast of St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Is.

richardi: Isla Culebra, St. Thomas and its satellites, Lovango Cay, Peter I., SaltI.

Type locality: Puerto Rico.  
TypesSyntypes: ZMUC 60460 (Presumably) = UZM (but missing); other syntype formerly in NMW.
Holotype: MCZ 12083 [anegadae]
Holotype: BMNH RR1964.944 [aphantus]
Holotype: UMMZ 80648 [nicholsi]
Holotype: USNM 66522, paratypes: USNM [richardi] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis (genus): Species in this genus have 17–19 midbody scale rows, 163–198 ventrals, 106–145 subcaudals, 1–3 apical scale pits, eight upper labials, 10 lower labial, 16-21 maxillary teeth, and 22-35 dentary teeth (Table 2). Borikenophis differs in at least one of these characters from all other alsophiine genera except Alsophis and Hypsirhynchus. Except for B. sanctaecrucis (191–198 ventrals), it differs from most Alsophis in having a lower number of ventrals (163–187 versus 184–220 in Alsophis). Most Hypsirhynchus have 19 midbody scales rows (H. ater and H. melanichnus have 17 rows) whereas most Borikenophis have 17 rows (those populations from the Virgin Islands usually have 19 rows). 
CommentIllustrations: Stejneger, 1904; Schmidt, 1928; Schwartz, 1966c; Philibosian and Yntema, 1977; Rivero, 1978; MacLean, 1982.

Distribution: populations from Isla Mona and Isla Desecheo are now B. variegatus.

Alsophis portoricensis variegatus SCHMIDT, 1926 has been elevated to full species status by HEDGES et al. 2009.

Type species: Alsophis portoricensis REINHARDT and LÜTKEN 1862 is the type species of the genus Borikenophis HEDGES & VIDAL 2009. 
EtymologyNamed after its distribution on Puerto Rico.

The generic name refers to its distribution centered on the Puerto Rican Bank; Boriken is the Taino word for Puerto Rico. 
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