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Capitellum mariagalantae HEDGES & CONN, 2012

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Mabuyinae, Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
Common NamesMarie-Galante Skink 
SynonymCapitellum mariagalantae HEDGES & CONN 2012: 59
M[abuia] aenea — COPE 1862:186 (part)
Mabuya mabouia — BARBOUR 1930:105 (part)
Mabuya mabouia — BARBOUR 1935:129 (part)
Mabuya mabouya mabouya — DUNN 1936:544 (part)
Mabuya mabouia — BARBOUR 1937:147 (part)
Mabuya mabouya mabouya — SCHWARTZ & Thomas 1975:141 (part)
Mabuya mabouya mabouya — MACLEAN et al. 1977:39 (part)
Mabuya mabouya mabouya — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988:150 (part)
Mabuya mabouya mabouya — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991:457 (part)
Mabuya bistriata — POWELL et al. 1996:82 (part)
Mabuya bistriata — MALHOTRA & THORPE 1999:87 (part)
Mabuya sloanii — MAYER & Lazell 2000:883 (part)
Mabuya mabouya — BREUIL 2002:267 (part)
Mabuya mabouya — MIRALLES 2005:49 (part)
Mabuya mabouya — HENDERSON & POWELL 2009:292 (part) 
DistributionMarie-Galante, Guadeloupe

Type locality: Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe  
TypesHolotype: ANSP 9413, an adult female from Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe, containing 6 fetuses. Initially in the MNHN but donated to the ANSP at some time prior to 1862. No other collection information is available, but it was possibly collected in the 1830s. Only known from the holotype and 6 fetuses in the holotype (now paratypes). 
CommentConservation: Based on IUCN Redlist criteria (IUCN 2011), we consider the conservation status of Capitellum mariagalantae sp. nov. to be Critically Endangered and possibly extinct (CR A2ace).

Abundance: only known from the type specimen (Meiri et al. 2017). 
EtymologyThe species name (mariagalantae) is a feminine genitive singular noun referring to the distribution of the species on the island of Marie-Galante. The island was named for Santa Maria Galanda, the flagship of Christopher Columbus, who discovered the island in 1493. 
  • Hedges, S.B. & Conn, C.E. 2012. A new skink fauna from Caribbean islands (Squamata, Mabuyidae, Mabuyinae). Zootaxa 3288: 1–244 - get paper here
  • Meiri, Shai; Aaron M. Bauer, Allen Allison, Fernando Castro-Herrera, Laurent Chirio, Guarino Colli, Indraneil Das, Tiffany M. Doan, Frank Glaw, Lee L. Grismer, Marinus Hoogmoed, Fred Kraus, Matthew LeBreton, Danny Meirte, Zoltán T. Nagy, Cristiano d 2017. Extinct, obscure or imaginary: the lizard species with the smallest ranges. Diversity and Distributions - get paper here
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