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Carettochelys insculpta RAMSAY, 1886

IUCN Red List - Carettochelys insculpta - Vulnerable, VU

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Higher TaxaCarettochelyidae, Testudines (turtles) 
Common NamesPig-nosed Turtle, Pitted-Shelled Turtle, Warrajan 
SynonymCarettochelys insculptus RAMSAY 1886 (error typographicus)
Carettochelys insculpta — BOULENGER 1889
Carettochelys insculpta — ERNST & BARBOUR 1989
Carettochelys insculpta — COGGER 2000: 186
Carettochelys insculpta canni WELLS 2002
Carettochelys canni — ARTNER 2003
Carettochelys insculpta — GEORGES & THOMSON 2010 
DistributionPapua New Guinea (Fly, Strickland, Morehead, Lorentz, Stekwa rivers, Lake Jamur),
Australia (Daly, Victoria, Alligator drainages in the Northern Territory)

Type locality: Fly River, Papua New Guinea. Map legend:
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TypesHolotype: AMS (AM) R3677 
CommentBoulenger (1887) erected the family Carettochelyidae for the genus Carettochelys.

History: Although the volume of the original description was labelled “1887” it was published on 25 May 1886 (M Lambertz, pers. comm., 17 Dec 2012).

Distribution: Map in MACCORD et al. (2003).

Reproduction: C. insculpta has temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD, WEBB et al. 1986, SARRE et al. 2004).

Type species: Carettochelys insculptus RAMSAY 1886 is the type species of the genus Carettochelys RAMSAY 1886: 158 (WERMUTH & MERTENS give 1887 as year). 
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