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Chalcides bedriagai (BOSCA, 1880)

IUCN Red List - Chalcides bedriagai - Near Threatened, NT

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Scincinae, Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesChalcides bedriagai bedriagai (BOSCA 1880)
Chalcides bedriagai cobosi VALVERDE 1997
Chalcides bedriagai pistaciae VALVERDE 1966 
Common NamesE: Spanish Cylindrical Skink
G: Iberischer Walzenskink
D: Spaanse Skink 
SynonymGongylus ocellatus bedriagai BOSCA 1880: 50
Chalcides bedriagai albaredae VALVERDE 1968
Chalcides bedriagai — MALKMUS 1982
Chalcides bedriagai — MALKMUS 1990
Chalcides bedriagai — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Chalcides bedriagai bedriagai — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008

Chalcides bedriagai pistaciae VALVERDE 1966
Chalcides pistaciae VALVERDE 1966
Chalcides bedriagai pistaciae — SALVADOR 1998
Chalcides bedriagai pistaciae — GALÁN 2003
Chalcides bedriagai pistaciae — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008

Chalcides bedriagai cobosi VALVERDE in SALVADOR 1998 (nom. nov.)
Chalcides cobosii — FAHD et al. in PLEGUEZUELOS et al. 2002
Chalcides bedriagai cobosi — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Chalcides bedriagai cobosi — CARRANZA et al. 2008 
DistributionSpain, Portugal, Gibraltar

Type locality: restricted to “Dosaguas, Valencia” fide MERTENS & MÜLLER 1940. Lectotype locality: “Dosaguas, Valencia”, [Spain]

pistaciae: Iberia (NW Spain, Portugal)

cobosi: S Portugal, Spain (Andalucia, Murcia) Map legend:
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TypesLectotype: MNCN 5116, designated by Salvador (1998:152). 
CommentChalcides bedriagai cobosi has been proposed as a replacement name for Chalcides bedriagai bedriagai Valverde, 1966 (non BOSC 1880). Valverde confused the different subspecies and created a "new subspecies" bedriagai, which is a homonym and had to be replaced by Valverde himself (in Salvador, 1998; M.A. Alonso-Zarazaga, pers. comm.). 
EtymologyNamed after Jacques von Bedriaga (1854-1906), Russian-born herpetologist. 
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