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Chelydra acutirostris PETERS, 1862

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Higher TaxaChelydridae, Testudines (turtles) 
Common Names 
SynonymChelydra serpentina var. acutirostris PETERS 1862
Chelydra angustirostris — DUNN 1945 (ex errore)
Chelydra acutirostris — BONIN et al 2006
Chelydra acutirostris — CASTRO-HERRERA & VARGAS-SALINAS 2008
Chelydra acutirostris — RHODIN et al. 2010 
DistributionN Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, W (coastal) Colombia (Antioquia, Atlantico, Bolivar, Cauca, Choco, Cordoba, Magdalena, Narino, Sucre, Valle del Cauca), Ecuador

Type locality: “in der Nähe von Guayaquil” [Ecuador]  
TypesHolotype: ZMB 4500 
CommentHabitat: freshwater (swamps, rivers) 
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