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Chitra chitra NUTAPHAND, 1986

IUCN Red List - Chitra chitra - Critically Endangered, CR

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Higher TaxaTrionychidae (Trionychinae), Trionychoidea, Testudines (turtles)
SubspeciesChitra chitra javanensis MCCORD & PRITCHARD 2003
Chitra chitra chitra NUTAPHAND 1986 
Common NamesE: Nutaphand's Narrowhead Softshell
javanensis: Java Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle
G: Kurzkopf-Weichschildkröte 
SynonymTestudo chitra HAMILTON 1831 in GRAY (nomen nudum)
Chitra selenkae JAEKEL 1911 (nomen suppressum)
Chitra chitra — COX et al. 1998: 136
Chitra chitra — TTWG 2012: 286
Chitra chitra — TTWG 2021

Chitra chitra chitra NUTAPHAND 1986
Trionyx indicus — GRAY 1831: 47 (part.)
Testudo chitra — GRAY 1831: 47 (part.)
Testudo membranacea — GRAY 1831: 47 (part.)
Trionyx Aegyptiacus var. Indicus — GRAY 1831: 47 (part.)
Chitra indica — GRAY 1844: 49 (part.)
Gymnopus indicus — CANTOR 1847: 10 (part.)
Pelochelys cantorii GRAY 1864: 90 (part.)
Pelochelys cumingii GRAY 1864: 90 (part.)
Chitra Indica var. [sic] Cumingi — BOETTGER 1886: 93
Pelochelys cantoris [sic] — BOULENGER 1889: 263 (part.)
Pelochelys bibronii — BOULENGER 1889: 263 (part.)
Pelochelys bibroni — SMITH 1931: 160 (part.)
Pelochelys poljakowii — SMITH 1931: 160 (part.)
Trionyx indica — TAYLOR 1970: 152 (part.)
Chitra chitra chitra — NUTAPHAND 1986: 64
Chitra chitra chitra — MCCORD & PRITCHARD 2002
Chitra chitra chitra — MCCORD & JOSEPH-OUNI 2003
Chitra chitra chitra — TTWG 2012: 286
Chitra chitra chitra — TTWG 2021

Chitra chitra javanensis MCCORD & PRITCHARD 2003
Chitra indica — MÜLLER 1923: 54
Pelochelys bibroni — SMITH 1931: 160 (part.)
Pelochelys poljakowii — SMITH 1931: 160 (part.)
Pelochelys cantorii — SMITH 1931: 160 (part.)
Pelochelys cumingii — SMITH 1931: 160 (part.)
Chitra chitra — ISKANDAR 2000: 82
Chitra chitra javanica — ISKANDAR & MUMPUNI 2002: 132
Chitra chitra javanensis — MCCORD & JOSEPH-OUNI 2003
Chitra chitra javanensis — TTWG 2012: 286
Chitra chitra javanensis — TTWG 2021 
Distributionchitra: Thailand (NW as far as the Khwae Noi and Khwae Yai River basins of the Mae Klong River system; NE in the Mae Ping River basin of the Chao Phraya River system).
Malaysia (E and S drainages of peninsular Malaysia as far as the Johore River basin).

Type locality: not designated by Nutaphand, but he did give three rivers, with Province where C. chitra was to be found. MCCORD & PRITCHARD 2003 designated Kanburi (presently Kanchanaburi), where the Khwae Noi and the Khwae Yai rivers join to form the Mae Klong River in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, as the type locality.

javanensis: Sumatra (NE drainages), Java (Pasuruan and Solo River basins of E and C Java). Type locality: tidal creek of the Pasuruan River, near Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. Corrected to “Bengawan (= river) Solo, between Kalitidu and
Padangan, Bojonegoro District, East Java” (ISKANDAR 2004).

Chitra chitra: W Thailand (Mae Klong river system; fide COX et al. 1998);  
TypesHolotype: nondesignated in original description; MCCORD & PRITCHARD 2003 designated the specimen illustrated on page 65 of Nutaphand’s 1986 original description as the holotype.
Holotype: MZB 199, a 57.0 cm (CL), dried specimen, captured July 1997 by local turtle hunters. Donated by F. Yuwono [javanensis] 
CommentCOX et al. 1998 consider Chitra chitra as a valid species although it might be treated as subspecies of Chitra indica. This is one of the most endangered turtle species according to a 2003 assessment by the IUCN.

W. McCord & P. Pritchard proposed precedence of the specific name Chitra chitra Nutaphand, 1986 over that of Chitra selenkae Jaekel, 1911 (CASE 3277, Bull. Zool. Nomen. 60 (3) [2003]).

Synonymy mostly after MCCORD & PRITCHARD 2002.

Habitat: freshwater (rivers and tributaries) 
EtymologyNamed after chitraka (Sanskrit) = having a speckled body; a reference to the spotted carapace (Gotch 1986) 
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