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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common Names 
DistributionSri Lanka

Type locality: Nawalapitiya, Kandy District, Central Province of
Sri Lanka, 07o03’N, 80o28’E, 600 m elevation.  
TypesHolotype: WHT 7286, (male), 31.8 mm SVL, coll. S. Batuwita, 12 August, 2005. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Cnemaspis pava differs from its peninsular Indian and Sri Lankan congeners by a combination of the following characters. Maximum SVL 32.4 mm; paired postmentals separated medially by a small scale; each postmental bounded by 3 scales; dorsal scales heterogeneous; spine-like tubercles present on flank; ventrals, 141–143; ventral scales across mid-body, 22–25; ventrals (including pectoral, abdominal, precloacal and scales on tail-base) carinate; 2 or 4 preanal pores and 5 femoral pores on each side; tail base without enlarged tubercles; supralabials to angle of jaws, 7 or 8; subdigital lamellae on digit IV of pes, 18 or 19; (in life) dorsum yellowish brown, with about six V-shaped markings; a distinct W-shaped mark on occipital region and an uninterrupted mid-dorsal line present. [from MANAMENDRA-ARACHCHI et al. 2007]. 
CommentAbundance: only known from its original description (Meiri et al. 2017). 
EtymologyThe species name, pava, is a Latin adjective meaning ‘little’, an allusion to the diminutive habit of this gecko. 
  • Manamendra-Arachchi, Kelum; Batuwita, Sudesh & Pethiyagoda, Rohan 2007. A taxonomic revision of the Sri Lankan day-geckos (Reptilia: Gekkonidae: Cnemaspis), with description of new species from Sri Lanka and southern India. Zeylanica 7 (1): 9-122
  • Meiri, Shai; Aaron M. Bauer, Allen Allison, Fernando Castro-Herrera, Laurent Chirio, Guarino Colli, Indraneil Das, Tiffany M. Doan, Frank Glaw, Lee L. Grismer, Marinus Hoogmoed, Fred Kraus, Matthew LeBreton, Danny Meirte, Zoltán T. Nagy, Cristiano d 2017. Extinct, obscure or imaginary: the lizard species with the smallest ranges. Diversity and Distributions - get paper here
  • Somaweera, R. & Somaweera, N. 2009. Lizards of Sri Lanka: a colour guide with field keys. Chimaira, Frankfurt, 304 pp.
  • VIDANAPATHIRANA, DULAN RANGA; M. D. GEHAN RAJEEV, NETHU WICKRAMASINGHE, SAMANTHA SURANJAN FERNANDO & L. J. MENDIS WICKRAMASINGHE & L. J. MENDIS WICKRAMASINGHE 2014. Cnemaspis rammalensis sp. nov., Sri Lanka’s largest day-gecko (Sauria: Gekkonidae: Cnemaspis) from Rammalakanda Man and Biosphere Reserve in southern Sri Lanka. Zootaxa 3755 (3): 273–286
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