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Colopus wahlbergii PETERS, 1869

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
SubspeciesColopus wahlbergii wahlbergii PETERS 1869
Colopus wahlbergii furcifer HAACKE 1976 
Common NamesKalahari Ground Gecko, Wahlberg's Kalahari Gecko; furcifer: Striped Ground Gecko 
SynonymColopus wahlbergii PETERS 1869: 57
Colopus wahlbergii — BOULENGER 1885: 208
Colopus wahlbergii — FITZSIMONS & BRAIN 1958
Colopus marshalli FITZSIMONS 1959 (fide KLUGE 1993)
Colopus wahlbergii — WERMUTH 1965: 21
Colopus wahlbergii — RÖSLER 1995: 105
Colopus wahlbergii — BAUER et al. 1995

Colopus wahlbergii wahlbergii PETERS 1869
Colopus kalaharicus FITZSIMONS 1932 (fide KLUGE 1993)
Colopus wahlbergii wahlbergii — AUERBACH 1987: 90
Colopus wahlbergii wahlbergii — RÖSLER 2000: 64
Colopus wahlbergii wahlbergii — MASHININI & MAHLANGU 2013
Colopus wahlbergii wahlbergii — BRANCH in BATES et al. 2014: 105

Colopus wahlbergii furcifer HAACKE 1976
Colopus wahlbergii furcifer — AUERBACH 1987: 90
Colopus wahlbergii furcifer — RÖSLER 2000: 64
Colopus wahlbergii furcifer — MASHININI & MAHLANGU 2013 
DistributionRepublic of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana

Type locality: “Damaralande” [Namibia]

furcifer: South Africa; Type locality: Twee Rivieren on Nossob River, Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, Gordonia district (26°22’S, 20°36’E., 888 m elevation), Cape Province (now Northern Cape Province), South Africa,  
TypesHolotype: NRM (NHRM) 385
Holotype: TM 14552 [kalaharicus]
Holotype: TM 25727, adult female [furcifer]
Holotype: TM 22589 [marshalli] 
CommentType Species: Colopus wahlbergii PETERS 1869 is the type species of the genus Colopus.

Variation: the color pattern of this species is quite variable. See photos in Boone 2010.

Distribution: Not in Gabon fide PAUWELS & VANDE WEGHE 2008. 
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